My Halloween Pumpkin

allthatglitterzNovember 12, 2006

Hi all! I've entered photos into an online Halloween pumpkin contest, and I hope you all think it's good enough to win!

Here's the direct link:

My contest entry is #56, - the light blue Cinderella Carriage - very bottom row - left.

With that said, I REALLY need your help!! Winning would save me TONS of money for Christmas, as my husband is drooling over the grand prize, a VERY expensive electric guitar. Yeah...I know....

If you wish to vote, one must type in a valid email address and wait a bit for a Confirmation email as the webmaster is keeping track of email addresses and IP addresses. No worries about putting you email addy in - you won't get spammed.

Anway, this is what I used to make it, perhaps you would like to make one of your own next Halloween!


Round & -ish pumpkin or a craft pumpkin. mine is real

1/2 inch wood dowel - for the wheels

3/4 inch wood dowel

3/4 inch wood balls, wood heart and wood disk for the driver chair

4 cut off lids from real mini-pumpkins

4 lids from round wood boxes from the craft store

Shiny Gold spray paint

1 Glue gun

1 Paramedic

486 pounds of glue sticks Quick! Call the glue stick manufacturer!

1 First Aid kit for 10 for glue burned fingertips

Spray can Primer for wood/crafts plastic

Various strings of "pearls" & beads. the $1 store kind is perfect

Electric power drill

Pumpkin carving kit

Small string of battery operated Christmas lights

Regular Christmas lights

El Cheapo acrylic paints - Wal-mart kind is perfect

Various lace trimmings, all sizes. I used light blue, white and shiny gold

Straight pins

Spraycan of Shellac of some sort -

1 package of little round mirrors from any craft store

1 cooking pot lid turned upside down

1 cheap white horse & small dolly stolen from your neice's toy box.

3 two-by-fours to keep the door shut

1 large elephant to quiet the phone during the Hot Glue sessions

THE most important thing, never use paints on a real pumpkin without putting a coat of Primer on it first. There's lots wax on pumpkins and the paint will come off in a heartbeat if you don't use it!

Now, don't you think I deserve to win this thing?

I highly recomment drilling all your holes with the drill FIRST! then paint! The drill will totally crack the paint which leads to frustrating touchups!

Best Regards!

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I just replied to your message at HGTV. Boy, you're hitting all the craft boards!

Once again, great job.


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good luck! It is amazing!

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It's beautiful! I've voted and am waiting for my e-mail confirmation.

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Yes, you're pumpkin deserves to win, you got my vote.


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You have got to vote is in!!!

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allthatglitterz or anyone else that can help, please do!
Your Cinderella carriage was amazing! I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to preserve a pumpkin so that it will keep for as long as possible. I have a pumpkin that I desperatly need to dry out, preserve, whatever so that my son can keep it. Here's why...
My son's dog, Drive, was hit by a car and sadly we weren't able to save her. Drive loved playing with one of our pumpkins. The pumpkin has her little claw marks all over it. Drive was our baby. She was a Treeing Walker coondog--she just treed her first coon a month ago. But we kept her inside--she slept in bed between me and my son and was housebroken. They played football and soccer together. She would pull him down the street on his Razor scooter. They really loved each other. We are just sick about losing her. I just want to help him keep any memories he can. We don't have many pics of her because my camera broke and I can't afford a new one.
My son wants to keep the pumpkin on his bookshelf with her toys. How can I preserve this pumpkin so it will last for as long as possible? It would mean so much to my son.
I wonder if I could cut out the bottom and scrape it clean. Let it dry out and shellac it. Kinda like they do gourds? I just don't know what to do.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for all of your ideas!

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So did she win?

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