Maytag dishwasher problems -- will not run ?

angela12345December 1, 2012

We have a Maytag Jetclean Plus Series MDB7749AWB (W10199645) that is just over one year old (yes of course, isn't it always RIGHT after the warranty has expired ?!?!?!)

The options buttons on the right side of the control panel will work, or at least they light up ... Steam clean, hi temp wash, heated dry, sanitize. The other buttons - delay hours, start, and cancel/drain on the right side do not work. On the left side, none of the buttons work ... Auto clean, heavy, normal, light, rinse only.

We have tried flipping the breaker in the main house electrical panel off, waited a few minutes, back on. We also tried some button combinations that we found online that were supposed to reset it like hi temp - heated dry - hi temp - heated dry.

When we try the button combinations, different lights will light up in a sequence over a couple of minutes. The DW will make a noise kinda like a grinding sound with the rinse only & dry cycle lights lit up, then noise, normal button light, rinse only & dry cycle, normal, rinse only, draining sound in sink, normal, rinse only & dry cycle. Then all lights on the control panel light up at once and stay on. They stay on for a pretty long while and finally they all go back out. I just tried it a few minutes ago so I could type this post. It has been 30 minutes and all the lights are still on. But they do eventually go back out, not sure exactly how long before they go back out.

Once the lights all go back out, it reverts back to only the options buttons on the right side working / lighting up when we press them.

Any ideas of things we could try to get this DW working ?

MDB7749AWB MDB7749AWB1 black
MDB7749AWW white MDB7749AWQ bisque MDB7749AWM silver MDB7749AWS stainless
replaced by: MDB7749SBB MDB7749SBW MDB7749SBM
trouble shoot repair fix broken problem work diagnostic electronic control panel board circuit thermal fuse touch panel touchpad parts

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I don't have a recent Maytag, mine is over 10 years old and still has real pushbuttons. We do have a GE Profile wall oven that uses those reed switches and it has problems. Sometime it wont respond to the bake button. What we have found is that pressing buttons all over the panel sometimes wakes it up (probably shakes the little board enough to establish contacts with the proper wire. When that fails I smack the panel with the palm of my hand and sometimes that wakes it up. If all else fails, you can pull the plug or switch off the breaker(s). Then I have found the screws attaching the front panel and pulled it open. There are plugs with ribbon wires that you can pull off and push back to get a good connection. Not sure if that would work with your dishwasher but you could try it. Alao there is an internet site that gives advice on troubleshooting all makes and models of major appliences and you might find what you need there. It don't recall its address but you can google troubleshoot dishwashers or the like and it should show up

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Update on the dishwasher.

I have 2 of these dishwashers. The same thing ended up happening to both of them !! On mine it was the control board. Mine has 2 different electronic control circuit board parts. The one on the right was the culprit. Replaced and they're running perfectly now. No weird cycling. I googled my symptoms and DW model number and found others who had the same issues and what it was/how to fix.

I believe the part number is W10298356.
#3 on the attached diagram.

On the link below, enter your model number (near upper right). If you enter part of the model number, it will give you a list of model numbers to choose from. In step 2 there will be detailed diagrams of all the different components of your dishwasher. You will be able to use these to find the part number that you need to order. With the part number, you can search for places to buy them. For example, (This is not where we got ours. We got ours from an appliance repairman.)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Also, I sent an email to someone who emailed me about this problem. I sent him a pretty detailed answer. I am copying the email reply I sent here . . . .

QUESTION: Did you ever find out what was causes your dishwasher to malfunction? My dishwasher is having the same issues and just like yours a month out of warranty...Any help would be great. Thanks for your time

Yes, there are 2 control panel thingys inside it. I think one is called control panel and the other is called circuit board. It was one of them that went out. It wasnâÂÂt the buttons that you press from the outside -- it was an electronic computer board thing that goes inside. It was super easy to change out. Literally, just a couple minutes once I took the screws out so I had the control panel open. I should open it back up and do a youtube video or something, haha. Although, I bet someone already has.

Before I replaced that, I googled using different search terms reading about repairs for my model number. was one of the websites that had several different threads I could read with people with similar problems. But I did find other websites that had info on repairs as well.

I first tried turning off the electricity going to the dishwasher (flipped the circuit breaker in my house breaker box), to see if that would work. Then when I turned it back on and it still wasnâÂÂt working, there were keypads to press in a certain order in a certain number of seconds. Something like hi temp -- heated dry -- hi temp -- heated dry -- hi temp -- heated dry. That might not be exactly what it was. For some people, the keypad reset worked.

There was one other part that it didnâÂÂt end up being what my problem was ⦠there is a thermal fuse, that is also supposed to be very easy to replace.

The good thing for me is I have 2 dishwashers, same model. I was able to try different parts from the one that works into the one that doesnâÂÂt work. So I knew exactly which part I needed.

Oh, and I also found one person who gave instructions on how they repaired their control board. The connections were not good and he/she basically soldered the connections so they were better.

Do you have the exact same model as me ? If you do, I can see if I can find invoices or something with the part numbers of the items I used to fix it. My dishwasher is Maytag MDB7749AWB1. I know the B (and maybe other parts of the part number) means that mine is black. I think the MDB7749 part is the important part and the rest just designates the color ??? So, if it was white or stainless instead of black, the interior parts to repair it would still be the same part numbers.

Hope this helps, please let me know how it goes and also if you have any more questions.


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Hi Maytag Jet Clean Plus - Model MDB7749SBM0 <<<< (zero) FIXED !!

My machine 18 months old started giving us problems after our visitors had used all the hot water. I started the dishwasher and the normal program or light wash would not light. Instead the light adjacent to it came on. All I could get to work was the rinse only and sanitize programs. I tried all the front panel reset key sequences listed on sites like this but none worked. I even tried turning the breaker off and on. So I took the stainless steel front panel off removing the 10 torque screws and got access to front control panel. There is a really thin plastic printed green ribbon cable which I unplugged, cleaned and plugged it back in. Refitted the front panel and rest the circuit breaker. Bingo! The normal and all other cycle buttons work. I hope this helps anyone that is having similar problems / issues.

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