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creepfanNovember 13, 2008

anyone know of a good place to get fixtures for your craft booths? I need hanging free standing display pieces. I am using lattice now and I HATE HATE HATE it! It's heavy and I get splinters in my hands every time! I am in the market for the metal grid work displays, however I can't find anything local to me in Delaware and shipping is outrageous. Any suggestions would be great, and thank you in advance!


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Try this website:

I purchased some spin racks from them and felt they were very reasonable.


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Linens & Things carried a nice black/tan/steel colored metal heavy-duty shelving for $60. I think I got it on sale for about $40 one time. It's got five good size shelves on it and you determine the space in between. I even went and got another one I liked it so much in my craft room. It's about 3 1/2 to 4 feet wide shelves and about a yard long. Our LNT closed recently but Walmart or Bed, Bath & Beyond might have something similar at a reasonable price. They have coupons in the mail all the time now too - holiday season.


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I find many of my displays at Ross (a department store of inexpensive clothes and items here in CA) and also Beverly's and Michael's. I keep my eyes open for the ones that fold flat. If you see a vendor who has one, ask them where they found it - my friend did and they GAVE it to her due to their not selling any more...

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for my booth I used old screen doors for the outside walls and then built shelves out of plywood and 2x4s. I made it so that it is all easily put up and taken down. I replaced the screen with chicken wire and use christmas hooks to hang small things. But the shelves and hanging are easily changed for your needs...

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We just completed our only show this year. Since we need a lot of shelving, I salvaged louvered closet doors, knocked out a couple of slats then I slid several pine boards through the slats from one side to the other. The doors fold up and aren't heavy at all. Pine is a light weight wood also. You can put the doors at the end of each table corner and have the shelving above the table. We didn't have boards long enough so we kept the unit on the side. It really worked well for us. For hanging, we used three panels (made by one of the husbands) it was the tiny square wire framed by 1"x2" boards. Then to connect each frame, a regular door hanger (I don't know what they are called but is the three things that you screw to the door jam and the ones on the door slip into with a bolt that drops down in each hole) hope that makes sense. To keep from losing the bolt, we attached the bolt to a 12" piece of wire. It all looked very nice.


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I can picture the louvered doors and the shelves! Very cool - do you have a pict of the second one? I'm having a problerm visualizing it. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas! I'm starting a craft show report on another thread - hope you join is so we can hear how the show did!

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So sorry, been MIA lately. The louvered doors do sound cool. And I'm with Grandma bonnie the second one sounds a bit confusing to me as well.

What I'm looking for is a hanging display. Since I do denim clothing I need ALOT of hanging space. The screen doors sound cool. How do you make them stand up?

I'll check out the Store Supply Warehouse, thanks for the link!!

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