'Magic' Pillowcases

amberscuNovember 19, 2008

These are the pillowcases that I made to go with the Magic Pillowcase Christmas poem. They are so easy to make!!! If you can sew a straight line, you can make these!! I have a big $2.50 invested in these!!!

I am going to give these out at my daughter's preschool instead of treat bags!

If anyone knows a neat way to package them, please let me know!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: redmommycrafts

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Sorry cant help with the packageing, but had to say your pillowcases are soooo cute!
TFS how you make them on your blog, love reading it!

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awwwww, that brings back memories :) These are some that I made about 20 years ago for my little ones . . . they even hauled 'em out on Christmas Eve when they were teenagers, LOL. As far as packaging, how about folding them up as small as possible, then either wrapping a pretty satin ribbon around them - or putting them in a larger-sized treat bag? They'll love them no matter what you do with them - what a nice treat :)

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pixistix- I love that! So neat that your kids still wanted their pillows!!

Oddie- thanks for the kind comment!!

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that's such a cute idea!! I think I'd simply fold them nicely, slip they into a gallon size zip top bag and put the poem inside so it can be read through the bag. Maybe add some cute Xmas stickers on the outside of the bag to dress it up. you could even weave ribbons through the top of the bag and tie a pretty bow and hot glue a small ornament inside the bow. I'm sure you'll come up with a great idea on how to package them. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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What poem are you talking about? I tried to do a search on this forum, but the poem didn't come up. Can you repost it here, please?

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Here is the poem that is on the instruction page for these. Amberscu I hope it is ok that I post it here.

December is a magical time
With all sorts of colors, ribbons, and rhymes.

Sugarplum fairies will dance in your head,
If you put this special pillowcase on your bed.

The reason is special
As you will see

It's that it has been dusted
With Christmas Fantasy.

Visions of candy canes, Santa and treasures
Will fill each dream with sweetness and pleasures.

When the time comes for it to be washed,
Do it quickly so no magic is lost!

-Author Unknown

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