Went to a craft show

adellabedella_usaNovember 26, 2007

It wasn't very a very good show and I saw several copyright infringements.

I did see two cute things. One was a felt tree that held candy. The person had sewn two pieces of green felt together in a Christmas tree shape. There was a round hole cut out for the mouth where you could stick in candy. It had googly eyes and a pom pom nose and was decorated with sequins. The trunk was a piece of black felt cut into the shape of connected boots with the feet pointing out.

The second thing I saw was a ring cut from a fork. The eating part of the fork had been cut off. The middle two tines wrap around the finger to make the band. The two outer tines were twirled and pushed together to hold a marble.

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Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the show too much Adella. What was copyrighted and infringed upon?

The candy tree ornie sounds cute. A good craft for kids to make for school exchanges.


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There were several things that were blatantly infringed upon like the Dallas Cowboys logo. Someone had made huge wooden outdoor Christmas Decorations that light up at night. Another person had purchased Dollar Tree type salt and pepper shakers and painted one top blue and the other silver. They then stuck logo stickers on the sides of the shakers. I saw several handpainted Coca Cola items. One person made a rocking horse and painted the red/white coca cola logo on the base.

Some of the items I saw weren't so obvious such as the team logo blankets made from fleece. I believe the big name logo bolts of fabric often come with a disclaimer on them that the materials can't be resold.

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I have seem quite a few different things made from cutlery and every time I see it I wonder what they use to cut it with? I haven't tried to cut it, but it looks like you'd need something pretty substantial...anybody know?
Suzan J

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Sjarz, look at the post on this forum with 11-19 in the title. Kudzuqween (sp.) told us how she made her spoon necklaces. I think she said she used Bolt Cutters. Good luck and be sure to come back and show us what you make. Luvs

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