Blue Glass Bulb Wreath - Previous Posting 2007

cassie_chewieNovember 17, 2008

Could the lady who initiated the posting this time last year on how to make the blue glass bulb wreath contact me as I would like to make a glass bulb wreath and don't know where to start. The video that was at your posting is no longer there and has been deleted. I realize this was last year's information, but I would very much appreciate your help. My address is Thanks.

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I just did a search for the wreath and it was Oddie that posted it. This might help you in tracking down the picture.

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Here is a photo of the blue glass bulb wreath, was the frist try and althoe it was pretty, sure was not the best, a crafter on this form named honeysuckleridge gave instructions on how she made hers and OMG they are soooo beautiful! I will try and find the post so you can go back and read it , I am not good with instructions and ginger does them very well.

here is one I made after reading gingers instructions and looking at her photos, nothing like hers but I think I did much better.


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should have read the post frist, the instructions are on that same post where the photo was missing, look for gingers name and also take a look at her photos you wont be sorry! if you need more help come back and I will try to help.

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I'd love the directions, please :D Oddie, those are GORGEOUS! Great job as always:D

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Wow!! Those are so pretty!! I am going to hit the thrift store to find some vintage glass ornaments!!

Thanks for sharing the picture with us!!

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I will try to put a link to the post for the blue glass bulb wreath, ginger wrote in and gave some great directions on how to make theses wreath, she makes and sells lots of them, so who better to ask how, check out her link Christmas past gosh I would still be makeing these if I could make them like that, alot of hard work and glue LOL!
thank you, glad you liked the ones I made

Here is a link that might be useful: blue glass bulb wreath post

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Those pictures sure speak a thousand words. What inspiration you ladies give me. The choice of colors and ornaments you used are the perfect combination especially the turqoise--I love it, and those are the colors of the bulbs that I have at present to put to use. I read Ginger's directions on the first post--Thanks and your website shows how much you have mastered this type of detailed work. I had no idea that the messages went that far down the line. I just hope that mine is as lovely as these are. I thank you all for your response and help in getting these pictures back on the post for viewing. Merry Christmas to all. cassie_chewie

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You are so welcome! would love to see photos of your wreath when you make them

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