Policeman gag gift

terri_wvNovember 25, 2007

I need a gag gift for my nephew who is a police officer. We have already used donuts as a gag....please leave me some ideas!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Print out a "realistic" but goofy Ticket ! LOL
This just came to mind - you can expand on the idea !

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Here's the Policeman's Survival Kit

Lifesaver - to remind you tat that is what you are to many people

Key - because you are the key to our safe community

Safety Pin - to remind you of all the safety you provide

Halo - because you are a saint to a lot of people

Angel - So you will always have your guardian angel with you

Gum - use this to get out of "sticky" situations

Shiny penny - keep for good luck charm

A match - to light your fire when you feel burned out

Modeling clay - to remind you,you are a role model

Paper clip - to help hold things together

Rope - for when you are at the end of yours

Hersey kisses - to remind you, you are loved

Tums for all those fast foods that don't settle too well

Eraser - because you erase the bad stuff

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evelyn thanks I'm adding it to my list.

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FlamingO in AR

Chinese finger cuffs. lol Remember those? The harder you pulled away, the tighter they got. Fur-lined handcuffs. lol

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