Wolf 30 inch gas range GR304

waterfella1December 16, 2013

I am doing a total gut rehab and need to choose a gas range for the kitchen. I am leaning toward the Wolf 30 inch GR304 range. I live in Chicago and wonder where I might get a decent price if I decide to go ahead and spring for the Wolf 30 inch. Thanks for any help!

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I've had a Wolf 30" duel fuel for about a month now and I'm very happy with it so far. When shopping, I was told that Wolf does not allow dealers to vary much on the price.

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I found a 30" Wolf DF on ebay for $4K. It's in immaculate condition. I was a little over a yr old & looked like it hadn't been used once. The story is the woman hurt her back & couldn't bend down to get into the oven so they were remodeling w/ wall ovens & a cooktop. They went w/ Wolf again, so they were obviously happy w/ the one I bought from them.

All of this being said, you really need to do your due diligence when buying something online in this price range. You'll have to pay for shipping & make sure you have insurance on the item. My homeowners covered any problems if it was damaged in shipping, so I didn't have that cost. I was also lucky that the owners wrapped it better than a store would have & I found a great moving co that put it in it's own box. Shipping ended up costing $400 +/-, so I could have bought a gas only for the same I pd for this used DF. My advice....don't buy emotionally! If you pay thru Paypal, you have insurance w/ them, as well as, ebay. You do need to do your due diligence in buying such an expensive item online. I saved a few thousand on a DF & it turned out great. I've read others have bought on ebay, as well, so there are good things to come from there.

There are a lot of appliance co's that sell floor models or refurb w/ the full original warranties, on ebay, as well. Most of them ship free, but make sure to inspect before letting the shipping co. drive off. Any dents, scratches, etc, reject & send it back.

You can possibly find floor models cheaper than regular price. Call around to see if any stores in your area have any they would be willing to sell. I believe Wolf is coming out w/ new models in January - I could be wrong on that, but I think that's what I heard. If I'm correct, your odds of finding a floor model might be good. And, you can bargain w/ the stores. They all want your service!

Good luck!

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Wolf is coming out with new models on wall ovens. If you are buying Wolf ovens, new make sure you get a new model with a removable bottom. If you have problems with the blue enamel under warranty Wolf will pay for it bit if you have problems out of warranty it will be cheaper to fix. Unfortunately they have not made this change on the range. The all gas models do not have blue enamel so no chipping. If you have a new DF I would buy an extended warranty for as long as possible and read it very carefully as Electrolux has now excluded any repair for the enamel in their extended warranties and others may follow suit on that. I would keep a close watch for any developement of crazing which can progress to loss of enamel. Wolf tried to tell me this is normal but once this starts the heating and cooling will expand and contract the metal causing the chipping. If you have no warranties I would never use self clean. In my own experience, my enamel failed at a little over 4 years with light use as I have a wall oven too. Once the enamel starts degrading, it is shedding fine shards of glass. I do not feel it is safe to use my oven unless the convection fan is off and the food is well covered. I hope no one has these issues. The Wolf ovens function beautifully so it is unfortunate that they have these issues.

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I thought the enamel issue was on the wall oven only. Is it also a recurring issue on the range?

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I thought the enamel issue was on the wall oven only. Is it also a recurring issue on the range?

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I can say I have it and there have been other occurrences in my area which is a small market area. I'm not sure how long mine was chipping before I found it. I don't get down and look at the bottom of the range that much. If you search blue enamel or chipping on this forum there are posts. Wolf used to replace ovens with this problem even at 4 years for a nominal cost. In my case they will give me the part and pay a small portion of the labor. The problem is they won't give a fixed estimate for labor and it starts at $800. They will only warranty the new part for a year. Some of the ovens degrade again almost immediately. To me that does not live up to the decades of service promised on their website.

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Thanks wekick. I appreciate the feedback. I was looking at the Wolf cooktop and finding another oven since I need one before the new models come out. I'm just not sure which brand to get as none seem to ever have an outstanding rating. This is the only one that seemed like the best bang for the buck, but it also has the blue enamel. http://www.kitchenaid.com/shop/major-appliances-1/wall-ovens-2/wall-ovens-3/-[KEBS209BSS]-402141/KEBS209BSS/

I don't mind mixing brands as long as they are all stainless. I need to make a final decision. I've been waffling over this and the fridge. The store I have been dealing with is telling me to go with the Thermador package, but I'm not finding good reviews on their oven. I do like their column refrigerators. I need to order it this week. Argh....

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I have had issues with the blue enamel in three brands. Dacor, Wolf and Electrolux. I haven't heard of the problem on other brands but I couldn't buy any more blue. One option I might consider would be the Kenmore Elite with dual fans made by Electrolux. I have no idea how well it bakes but my Elux oven is great and the enamel in the Kenmore is gray. I am looking to replace my range but not sure which will work best for me. I am limping along with the Wolf Df. I wish I had put a range top and two separate wall oven in. I wouldn't be out the whole range.

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