Pinecones - Any ideas?

shaunNovember 8, 2007

Hello everyone -

I thought maybe I could make xmas decorations out of pinecones for my friends/family this year.

Any ideas out there on different things I could make with them?

No one has a fireplace, so I can't make those cute firestarters. Hope you can help me!

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Hi Shaun ! I just had to tell you about my pine cone wreath . I bought the prettiest one all made out of pine cones at a rummage sale. I hung it up on my fence . It lasted 2 days . The squirrels totally destroyed it !
I'm glad it was only a dollar !
As for decorations - I love angel ornaments that use pine cones for bodies. The long slender cones work the best .

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I think it was a Better Homes and Gardens book that had a whole nativity scene made from pinecones and felt. Was very cute.

I enjoy getting a bag of the scented pinecones. You could probably get the oil and make a big bunch of them.

I love them on wreaths with evergreens and bows. How about a candle with a candle ring made from the pinecones and greenery?


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Thanks for your help toomuchglass and Luvs!

I did a google search and found some neat ideas. I may just spray paint them silver and sprinkle glitter on them, tie a red ribbon on and laminate that little story about how they are supposed to be good luck.

Thanks again!

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If you have the small ones, from white pines, they can actually mimic roses. Look for ones that have fallen in two, and use the bottom part. Spray paint your choice of color, and sprinkle with glitter.

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Shaun, I made some things a few years back with the ones that drop in my yard off a neighbors tree..I also collect them and take them into school for the kids to make "bird" feeders" with.
I'll have to find some pictures of my pinecone friends..Not sure if I have any actually left..
But taking a large wooden ball and glueing it to the "top" of the pinecone (the stem part) makes them into "people" then you just decorate them to make them however you'd like. I did Scarecrows, snowmen and a few santas. They are cute ornaments.

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I'd love to see the little story about the pinecone being good luck, don't think I've ever read that.

I also wanted to tell you that I have an ornament that a friend gave me that is a pinecone. It is just sprayed white, then has a piece of greenery and some berries glued on top. Has a ribbon loop glued on to hang it.

Good luck with making your gifts. Luvs

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Is this the story you were talking about??

There once lived a poor family without enough food to eat or enough wood for their fire. The mother decided to go into the forest to search for pine cones. She was planning to use the pine cones to build a fire for her family, and she was also hoping she could sell some of them to get money to buy food.

After walking for hours, the mother finally reached the forest and started gathering pine cones into her basket. Suddenly, she heard a voice say, "Why are you stealing my pine cones?" With that, an elf appeared beside her.

She explained her sad story to the elf. With a crooked smile, the elf said, "Go into the next forest. The pine cones there are much better."

Hesitantly, the mother set off to the next forest, which was even farther away. When she reached it, she was very tired. She leaned against a tree and sat her basket on the ground.

No sooner had she set down her basket, and dozens of pine cones started falling to the ground. Filled with renewed energy, she gathered all the pine cones into her basket and returned home.

Tired again, once she returned home, she set down the basket for a moment on her doorstep. When she looked down at the basket of pine cones, they had all turned to silver.

The family would never be poor again.

Because of this legend, many people believe that a silver pine cone is lucky. It is customary to keep one on your dresser or hearth to make sure good fortune comes your way.

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Yes that's the story! I shortened it up a bit though. Here is what my pinecones look like so far. I may glue on a tiny red velvet bow just to jazz it up a bit.
And I'll have the little "story" laminated.

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What a wonderful legend, for some reason I've never heard that before. I've collected pine cones for years, wherever we travel I try to find a few. That also gives me some stories to tell about my quests. I make pine cone wreaths which are a real job and last year I made some swags using ropes of artifical pine and ribbons. I spray paint some of the cones for the swags, using mostly gold or silver or plain white with snow on them.

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awe..I might have to borrow that Shaun!

I found the PineCrows pictures. But my image hosting place is grumpy at the moment..
I'll be back..

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