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sweets98November 15, 2007

I have been looking for something to put in an old window and hang in our bathroom. I finally decided to paint something and settled on what last week.

I started it on Friday and it looked something like this.....

I didn't get to play around with the picture again until Tuesday and then I changed things up a bit and worked on the details most of the afternoon and evening. Last night I did more detail and cleaned things up today. I still want to work on the sign because it's not quite right yet but it's next to done. I need to get DH to cut like a 2" section off the side (you can't see it) and then we'll attach in the old window (it doesn't have any panes).

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Neat idea. Did you paint this on the glass or was it something to hang in the old window? I'm a little confused but I like your work.

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This is a piece of luan that we are going to attach to the back of the window. The window will basically be the picture frame. :)

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OMG! you do such a wonderful job at painting! looks like you could pick up anything right of the shelf, love the finishing touches, you will have to post another photo after you add the painting to the window, cant wait to see it! what a clever idea also!

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