First Craft Sale This Year

enjoyingspringNovember 7, 2010

Went to my first craft sale of the season, I noticed that the vendors were a little aggresive, as soon as I stepped up to their table to look at something they were right on top of me giving me details of their crafts.

This really puts me off, I just leave. If they were to let me just look maybe I would buy something.

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I too went to my first craft sale of the season this past Saturday. I was also turned off by how aggressive some of the vendors were. It did seem that a lot of the ones that were aggressive were the ones that had more competition from vendors selling similar wares.


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There are quite a few craft fairs in our area, and some vendors were a little more aggressive, and yes there were still some who were reading a pocket book and ignoring those just walking buy. Craft fair was packed, so it was hard to see the booths, but I did not see anything really new. But did see one big booth crammed full of items to buy not homemade. First I though it was glued on decals, but after looking at them they came that way. Made in ????

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I don't like the aggressive ones either. Even in stores - if I want help , I'll ask for it.

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At the show I visited yesterday I thought that the vendors were less than friendly and this was one of the largest "juried" shows in my area. It was 3:00 and there was really only one that took the effort to speak to me as I strolled by. There seemed to be alot of them talking to each other when they should have been talking to the customers. And, yes, some were sitting and reading and being un-interested.

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Being friendly with a little chit chat is one thing, but being aggressive with a sales pitch is another! I say hello & ask them how they're doing or some other little idle chat, but I don't really go into a sales pitch unless I hear conversation from them that may warrant a little intervention ;-)

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