How do I make a lighted (Xmas) star for front window?

mangomoonNovember 1, 2009

I need some ideas here. I would like to find or make a large star that I can put lights on and somehow affix to the inside or outside of my home. I went to Michael's hoping I could find a large shaped star but found nothing. I am thinking metal? Something that I can wind tiny lights on. I couldn't find anything on ebay either. Any ideas?

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I think I would get some heavy duty wire from the home depot and built a frame, then cover it with sheet metal and punch holes in it and run the lights in the back sticking the actual light out the could do the same type of thing by cutting a star out of plywood and drilling holes in it for the lights...that way it would look pretty in the day as well as the night while it is lit.

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I agree use heavy guage wire to make the star shape, but you don't want it too heavy that you can't bend it with a needle nosed pliers.

Make your star shape and then using fine wire like they use for wreaths wrap around and around the string of lights and the wire to secure the lights. Try to make the lights themselves stand a little proud of the frame. Start at the bottom v of the star.Then wrap the whole thing with a white or gold garland. Wrap down the cord to make a bottom ray and add a couple more pieces of garland for more rays. Secure the rays to the window sill with ticky tacky or tape.

The reason I say make the lights stand proud is so the heat from the lights don't melt the garland but if you are using a fire proof one then this is not necessary This garland will look good from inside and outside

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You could get one of those 1/4" foam sheets from the dollar store or craft store. draw a star shpe to fit your needs. make a hole to attach awire hanger.
with a craft knife cut out the shape. now depending on how many lights you want or are on a string of Christmas tree lights poke enough holes to accomadate them on one side (the back) poke the lights thru each hole so one side is the light bulbs poking thru and the other side is the mess of wires. you canmake sure tht the end with the plug is up where the stringer hole is. then feed that thru the hole and hang and attch to an extension cord My mom did this with large Christmas tree shape for her front windows but she had BIL make wooden trees.

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I found this one, link below. you can drill holes & add lights

Here is a link that might be useful: metal star

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You can make a star frame by taking 5 sticks or slats or anything that are all the same length and wiring. screwing or taping them together. Like the stars that you draw, 5 lines, 5 points. Bamboo stakes, yardsticks, anything that fits your aesthetic or that you have handy.
Remember to post a pic of whatever you decide.

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Target may have a star that you put in your window, I have the candle 1 they had couple of yrs ago. It is lights inside a tube, You can buy those same lights in different colors & wire 1 set to a sturdy wire frame you make & then just plug it in, probably would need to go around the star a couple of times to use up the lights. I have a room darkening shade so I just put a coated wire around it & hang it on that. Of course can't use shade until after xmas. Then I put the garland across the window sill plus 3-4 large pinecones.My other front window is always a "toy store window" I loved going into town(we lived at a lake 7 miles out)& staring at all the pretty toys in the Coast-to-Coast store. They had a wagon, doll, bike, teddy bear etc & I do most of that using much smaller items, matchbox truck, Holly Hobby 7 in. doll, 10 in. tree, little red wagon, old ice cart with donkey, 5 in. sled. Little kid in me! Hate to see old traditions die. Jan

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let us know what you did or what you found

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I used thick twigs and made 5 point stars tying each point with jute and adding some glue, then I wrapped the lights around the twigs/branches.... was very fast and very easy!

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did you try anything?

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