New to making own soy candles

karen_bNovember 6, 2007

I haven't made candles since I was a teenager and would like to start refilling my own crocks & glass containers. Soy wax, cotton wicks, no scent or color. I was hoping I could get recommendations from experienced candle makers on suppliers of soy wax & what kind works best for large crocks (>75 oz) & glass containers like old Yankee & canning jars. Also what kind & brand cotton wicks do you all recommend along with a source.

I recently had to find a new candle shop to refill my crocks and was taken back from what she charged. I used to pay $10 for an 86 oz crock of paraffin to $46 for soy. I didn't pay that much for the crock already filled.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions & recommendations.

Karen in southcentral PA

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Hey! I used to make candles but have never made soy candles so I can't help you with finding the supplies, but there is a soap making & candle forum on this site & I know someone there can help you.

Good Luck!!

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Karen, I just happened to be trapsing through..
In my opinion the best soy wax is produced by Enchanted Lites. But I also know what it costs to ship wax. So I also recommend finding a reputable supplier as close to you as possible and working with the soy they offer.

Soy wax burns better with fragrance oil added. And cotton wicks are great. I prefer HTP wicks, which are a cotton braided coreless wick, that bends towards the melt pool.

Both these companies have very knowledgeable ladies running the show. They were chandlers first, then became suppliers.
Unfortunately, they are both in the Midwest..I think Angie(greatcandle) has kits..that might be the best way for you to get started.

86 oz, that's over 5lbs of wax...WOW! And I'm guessing atleast 3-4 wicks?? If I did something that big, not including the crock or the cost of it, Yep it would cost about $40 for the wax, wicks and fragrance, based on my mark up rate.

So $46 is not off base...But certainly it would cost about
about 16-18 to make. So yes you are definately saving alot of money making your own..However, I will caution you that repeatedly refilling candle jars and crocks and burning in them will weaken the containers over time. So the more times you do it the more closely you need to watch those containers when they are lit.

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