Ornaments Made Out of Window Screening

trudymomNovember 11, 2006

Yesterday I was at a craft store and I saw an ornament--happened to be a stocking--made out of window screening. They cut two pieces of screen in the shape of a stocking--but narrower than most--then wove it together with wire, then painted it with stripes, stars, etc. Looked pretty cool because some of the screen holes were filled in, some were not. Then they put a squiggly piece of wire at the tip of the toe and attached a bell to it. Anyone make these? Pictures?


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Sounds pretty neat, no I haven't made them. What craft store were you at, can we look it up on the web?


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you could make your own pattern ,theres a crafter on the hgtv holiday forum that does screen painting and tells you how to do it step by step, I will try and post a link http://stepbystepcrafting.spaces.live.com/ check out the other crafts there, the wire present one seems to be a big hit at craft shows

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I have a friend who makes Santas out of window screen and paints them. She says it is very time consuming and you get a lot of cuts. :-(

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Something small like an ornament wouldn't be as time consuming as painting a larger screen. This craft sounds simple enough really.

I know a few years ago I did wire outline of a bee and then filled the inside of the frame with window screen. I used a needle and "sewed" around it with fishing line and then painted the bee.

Not all window screen is wire either. You can get the fiberglass stuff, too. It can be painted and it won't cut you at all!


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I struggled with this all weekend trying to get the paint to stick onto the screen. I understand it looks good to have some holes not fill in, but I can't get the paint to stick to any of it so it doesn't look good at all. Does anyone know how to get the paint to stick. The ones I saw at a local craft show were beautiful. They had big stockings, ornaments and cristmas trees in small pots and the paint was bright and colorful with only few holes open. Just about ready to give up!

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Early summer we went to a craft show. They had little angles and things made out of screen. Then parts were painted. They were really cute...

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I've painted window screen before...I just kept going over and over the painted area.

I was told to paint it with latex house paint first (only where you intended to paint the picture. Let it dry then paint over that. But since I paint free hand and seldom know exactly what I am going to paint for sure that didn't work for me.

I just used craft paints...and put it on thick.

I didn't paint many because it was a pain in the patoot....

So I just put a large dollar amount on 'em and they sold in the first five minutes. I think to other vendors. (they must have know what a pain it was to paint them...lol)


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I saw some mittens made from screen, something I want to try myself. I was thinking......maybe if you sprayed cheap hair spray on it first,maybe a few coats? Or spray the clear sealer spray on it? You should be able to paint an 8x10 picture(or whatever size) That might give the paint something to stick to. How about the 'instant rust' technique...spray red oxide primer and sprinkle cinnamon for a rusty screen ornament?
I'll let you know when I get some made :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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