Christmas Cheer Shakers

minnie_txNovember 29, 2004

Christmas Cheer Shakers

Just when we should feel most blessed

The holidays can make us stressed.

When the crabbies start coming near,

Sprinkle your self with Christmas cheer!

(sprinkle on others as needed)

(Do not open)

That is the label I put on mine. I can't find my directions

but you get clear see thru salt shkers and put all kinds of little Christmas related item in it like a small piece of cinnamon, bells, tiny candy cnes etc. A little sparkle of some kind and a jingle bell. I made sure the top wouldn't open by glueing it on, Then I tied a ribbon around it.

I recently saw where some one called them something like Humbug Chsers with similar poem.

Another idea was to put element of a snowman in one three cotton balls a little hat and a fake carrot etc. If I can find my photo I'll post it I think the original magazine article had painting of a snowman's face on the bottom of the outside

I thought I'd give it it's own thread

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Here is a picture of some I made I had some little $1 store sleighs and put a little bag of candy some colorful paper and one of these in it for the neighbors

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is a picture of the sleigh. It doesn't show very well but I put a shaker in the sleigh behind the bag of candy.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Those are adorable ! With the dollar stores going strong -- you should be able to get tons of trinkets for them - cheap !
V-E-R-Y cute idea !!

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Minnie, yours look great! I posted a pic of the ones I make
over on the gallery.

I changed the poem for mine,:

At this time when we
feel most blessed,
Holidays can make us
feel real stressed.
When the "bah humbugs"
start coming near,
Just shake yourself up
some Christmas cheer!!

Here's part of the original write up from the magazine that
I saved. I think there was another part about what to fill
them with but I can't seem to find it. Anyways I also put in
dollar store stuff like bells, glitter, confetti, fake snow, etc.
I also saved the picture of the magazine ones and will
post it on the gallery later.

"This year, we have a solution to the problem of Christmas over - your own bottle of Christmas Cheer. This quick and easy project is guaranteed to cause smiles in even the most stressful situations. It sells well at bazaars and makes a great gift too.
Start with a glass salt shaker. Use a long-handled paintbrush to reach inside and paint a small triangle nose on the center bottom with orange acrylic paint. Build a face around the nose by making two dots for the eyes and five dots for a smile with black acrylic paint."

Anyways I think that painting the inside of the shaker
doesn't sound like it would be that easy. What I did was
just use a rub on snowman face on the outside of the bottom
of the shaker.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheer Shakers

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I didn't notice your photo until I posted mine!!

I didn't put any snowmen pictures on the bottom of mine. I can jut picture myself with a long handled paint brush trying to paint a snowman haha

I like tht Bah Humbug idea!!

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Yeah Minnie, I figured that "bah humbug" sounded a little better then the word "crabbies" in the original poem.

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Thanks for all this wisdom, Gals...better sit down and figure out how I'm going to put this together - will keep you posted on what I come up with!

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had seen these last year but never got around to makeing any, the ones I saw had fake snow and glitter, I have glitter that is small stars, and had thought of useing it, add a small bow around the lid with a sprig of pine and small jingel bells so it kinda makes a noise when you shake it, Love yours the way it is minnie soo cute! evelyn_craftdiva, when I click on your link it says cant find post, would love to see yours! any idea what could be worng, looks like others are haveing no trouble vewing it.
Thanks for shareing

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These are so! cute...they'd make nice gifts for neighbors or just to have sitting around for decor. I couldn't get the link to work, either. It directed me to try the Crafts & Decorations forum.

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Those little shakers and poem are a fantastic idea !!!
around where I live... there ought to be a WHOLE LOTA SHAK'N GOI'N ON !!!!!
Thanks for the Grand Idea !!!!*****
***** HAPPY * * * HOLIDAYS !!!
M E R R Y + C H R I S T M A S !!!!
God BLess!


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