Spirit of Christmas, Secret Neighbour Gift?

sjarzNovember 5, 2007

Hi everyone...

Hope the weekend was great for anyone going to shows, and great for anyone working on projects!

Has anyone got a poem that would work for the Secret Neighbour Gift where you leave a little gift on the neighbour's doorstep and they are supposed to pass it on?

Went to a mother of a craft show yesterday, over 500 vendors! Was rather disappointed to see that there wasn't much new out there, lots of knitted scarves and hats and handmade clothing, still tons of jewelry, lots of pottery - I bought 4 knitted dishclothes (whoopee!) for $1.50 each, what a spendthrift I am!

One thing that was cute was snowmen cut out of wood, about 16 inches tall, very simply painted, the snowman body all drilled with holes with mini lights in them. The gal was selling them for $15, if you have a Skill Saw or a husband that does they looked like they would be cheap and quick to make.

Glass blocks were selling for $40 a block which shocked me - I love them but I wouldn't pay that for one - that gal was sold out and was taking orders...

Have a great day all!

Suzan J

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I found this one online. It is kind of long, but maybe you can use it, or parts of it, to make your own.

Print out the letter below or make up your own, grab a candy cane, and include a homemade star ornament or picture. Then put them all in a little gift bag or basket and leave them on someone's front steps - don't let them see you!
Print out and include this letter:

The ghost of Christmas Present has come here,
To leave you some good old Holiday cheer.
Don't be an Ebonezer, oh boy
Continue this greeting, this Christmas joy.
First, put this greeting where all can see,
Try to leave it there on Christmas eve.
It will pass good will to all who visit.
Be sure to join in, you won't want to miss it.
Second, add a candy cane and a Christmas star.
Deliver it to a neighbor, maybe near, maybe far.
Don't let them see you - be sneaky - no doubt,
And make sure they find this greeting out.
Next, you have only just one chance, so be fast.
Leave it at the door where joy needs to last.
Leave it at dark when there isn't much light.
Ring the door bell, run, stay out of sight.
And last but not least, join in this season.
Don't worry, be happy, you don't need a reason.
This is good for all, and just trying to say,
Merry Christmas to all and have a great day.

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Thanks, Maryann, I think I can work with that...
Suzan J

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