Went to 4 craft shows on Saturday !!!

toomuchglassNovember 18, 2007

Wow - I Was exhausted !!!! The fair at the Technical college here is the best anywhere. The people there are more "artists" than crafters. All the booths were unique - very few duplicates of crafts. I bought one thing I Haven't seen before ( but who knows - it might have been around for ages ) it's called a pondering pool . All it's made out of is a 3" terra cotta pot bottom , filled with a few stones and sand and a "saying" ( Mine says Humor" ) and it's filled with clear resin. It looks like alittle pool . She had all different sizes , different containers

and sayings ... I paid $3 for it. It's cute ! One other booth that was there had people flocked around it . She had crocheted purses made out of fabric strips. ( Like rag rugs) Her booth was decorated with wine bottles and corks.I couldn't figure out the connection between purses and corks - till I read a sign she has up . It went something like this :

"In the evening , I like to sit back in my big brown rocking chair and do my work. I get all my strips of fabric ready , and open myself a nice bottle of wine.

I begin crocheting . Somewhere between the first and fourth glass, the pattern comes to mind and I begin CREATING... I never know how a purse will turn out. I'm finished just about the time the bottle is ,so I take the cork , Sign my name to it and tuck it inside the purse.

Then I name my purses . "

And that's her story . It was such a cool gimmick - she had people flocked around ! Her purses had silly names like " Firefly delight" " Moonlight Madness"

"Extreme delight" . I bet she did great.

The rest of the shows were nice - Besides jewelry - I saw alot of homemade soaps and lotions. Well - that's the report . I'm still tired ! LOL

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That was a cute story, thanks for sharing it with us. Her purses sound like a neat idea too. Probably very colorful.

I've never seen a "pondering pool" either. That sounds neat. Nice to have on a workstation or a windowsill, especially with a word to meditate on.

I've never considered doing four craft shows in one day! Whew!


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I tried taking a pic of the pondering pool .... if you look close - you can see the rocks and the sand . It actually does look like a little reflection pool .

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It's cute, but why wouldn't she have either written the word on something transparent or painted it on the bottom of the pool - I'm not crazy about that piece of cardstock stuck there like that....
Suzan J

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You are right Sjarz ..... THere is alot of romm for improvement .

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