Ilve induction range new on AJM

MizLizzieDecember 3, 2012

Because there are so few induction ranges on the US market, I thought I'd post that a new one just got listed at AJM. I believe it has rolled out in the last week or so, but I might be wrong.

It is not quite a slide in. Knobs up front like the Viking. Price coming in at $5K so not a cheap date. It has a very clean look that I rather like, but I know nothing about this Italian maker. Link below for anyone shopping. I'm still working to make the E-lux slide in work for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ilve Induction Range

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Fori is not pleased

That's a nice looking range!

But...I'm not sure I want to be able to see the gunk that collects under my stove. Or is it something you're supposed to clean? :)

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I like the look, too. I have never heard of the brand. Do any of you have experience with their products?

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It is traditional to let the cat sleep under that type of range in the winter.
You occasionally take the cat outside and give it a good shake to remove anything like dust bunnies.
Then the dog can lick away any sticky delicacies the cat can't reach that remain stuck on its fur.

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My wife's Viking range is like that. No cat here, so we keep mice under ours.

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I love the clean design of this stove and the look of openness underneath. But since we have four cats (three of them feral) it would be a hell of a fight here for the warm spot.

I guess I'll stay with my planned E-lux slide in. The Viking is too pricey for me, and my BF has had a lot of trouble with hers. But this price point did make me think long and hard. I'd have to cut my granite out in the back, tho.

Does anyone know anything about Ilve? Would I be crazy to consider this range?

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Hmm. Too bad they went with such a modern look. In this country Ilve is known for its gorgeous oldy-woldy style.

I don't know anything about this range, but if you search this forum as well as online you will see Ilve reviews have been mixed. The phrase "Italian engineering" comes up a lot. In Australia, Ilves are pretty common and one website seems to have become an accidental magnet for bucketloads of devastating reviews. However, in my own search I was unable to find similar negative reviews from other markets, and we have had actual firsthand reports on Ilves right here on the Appliances forum, which were quite positive.

Look for chesters_house comments in this thread, although it's about a gas dual fuel. I think there are 3 separate comments where Ilve is mentioned.

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Thanks, Marcolo. In searching, I realize this range must have been listed back in September. Can't think how I missed it so long.

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The ILVE Induction top range was released in the US in the fall of 2012. It brings all of the beauty, quality and Italian craftsmanship of an ILVE range to induction cooking. This range is exclusive to the US and features German Induction technology used in many of the top induction ranges on today's market.
In addition to the induction technology you get the benefits of an ILVE electric oven- multi-function convection settings, rotisserie, EZ clean oven surface- just to name a few.
For additional information contact the importer - EuroChefUSA.

Here is a link that might be useful: ILVE Induction Range

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Greetings everybody! I have been desperately trying to decide on a high end induction range. After reading about the horrible reviews of the Viking products, my only choice seems to be the new ILVE Induction range. I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions before I spend 5K for a range from a relatively unknown company in North America. Thanks in advance.

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