What Christmas Crafts are you making or finding at fairs this

phish_gwNovember 30, 2013


I'm always looking for fun new Christmas crafts ideas. I'd love to hear what you are making or seeing at craft fairs this year?

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I am pretty much selling the same thing as I've sold in years past. I added a Santa Wreath made with tulle but I doubt if I'll do it again next year... It's crazy but my mainstay is still the microwave potato bags. They just keep selling - someone will get it as a gift and will return to me to buy more as gifts for their friends... At my show last week-end, there was someone elose selling the potato bags (made with polyester batting) - the manager of the show called them to my attention and asked if they were safe - had to tell her they are a fire hazard! She was told to pull them off the shelf! I sold over 50 of my bags... I also make microwave popcorn snowmen - I believe I've shown these before. I also sell the Wiener Wiener Washers as the 2013 Tacky Gift of the year..I keep selling the same items and they just keep buying them!

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I have become obsessed with deco mesh. This is my second project with it, but my first wreath. It is for my Mom.

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That is spectacular!

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i am seeing alot of jewelry and fabric (aprons, towels, etc.) gifts plus alot of them are buying and selling made in China gifts trying to pass them off as homemade. Makes me mad that they think we can't tell the difference or don't also go to those sights. lol

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I wish there was an answer to this problem - I went to a small church where there were only 9 vendors but the church ladies made sure they were only hand made items being sold... I only made $575 for the two days but everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was wonderful. You might look for juried craft shows, but that doesn't always work when people lie about the things they sell. We have one gal at the Farmer's Msrket that buys manufactured items and adds a dot of paint and calls it her own...

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grandma Bonnie - you (or someone) had a link to your snowman popcorn guys. I lost it. :( Do you still have a picture and maybe instructions somewhere? I made a couple of them about 3 years ago, would love to make some more!

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Just finished making some copper roses for Christmas. Working on a few other and a giant sunflower.

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Oh my that wreath is beautiful!!
Love the copper roses too.

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those roses are beautiful! Are you a welder? My dh is and he does a lot of yard art type stuff!

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As a metalworker I can appreciate the work involved in the roses. Very nice.

One thing I did see more of this year was glass blocks. Not just drilled with some lights, but a wide array of ideas, designs, etc on the faces of them. Many were hand painted with opaque paints and had the lights filter through the background.

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Wow, that mesh wreath is absolutely beautiful!

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