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midwestgrandmaNovember 3, 2011

Would any of you handy crafters know how I would 'seal' a clipart image printed off my laser jet printer? I have a clipart image that I printed off, but when I apply glue to it (for a marble magnet) the color 'bleeds'. I'm thinking maybe there is a spray sealer or something else that I could apply to the paper, then the glue and it would not 'bleed'. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Happy crafting and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Sorry I can't help you. I'm also looking for a sealer that I can use on a scrap book cover. It is a soft cardboard cover and wants to soil easily. Maybe someone can help us both. This site isn't too active just now.

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I've had some luck with just spraying store brand clear spray paint that I bought at Wal-Mart. You have to do it in several light coats so it doesn't bleed. I also made marble magnets out of mine. It does yellow some over time.

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I used to decoupage and I liked to run off images of the right size on my home ink jet printer. I can tell you the absolute best spray urethane for sealing is Krylon crystal clear. I would run off a sheet of images and then spray the whole sheet before cutting, or several sheets at once. I would go back and forth and up and down. Works great and doesn't yellow over time.
Smells bad so use carefully where there is access to fresh air.

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Kathy, And away from any gas pilot lights like in kitchen or furnace as you can blow your house up! Weldbond is glue we used on the large 1/2 marble fridge magnets, they haven't discolored but we used mostly magazine or greeting card pics. Jan

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I would laminate it. You can purchase a laminating machine. Or you could purchase laminating sheets which are self-stick, or just go to Staples or other office supply store that has a copy center in it...

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Have you tried spray adhesive? It's not as wet as decoupage glue is.

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I make the marble magnets also - I apply modge podge to the back of the marble and then attach the image. As long as the image doesn't slide around while your attaching it it does not smear. I use a paper towel to wipe down the edges so it has a good seal and let it dry. Have made many hundreds this way over the years. Hope that helps.

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I do this all the time. I use a spray fixative (that's what it's called) that I bought at Wal-Mart...just a light coat at first. You don't want to spray heavily because that, too, will make your ink run. After that has dried, I spray again...I then use Modge Podge for my craft projects.

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