Bikini Dish Cloths

sjarzNovember 27, 2007

Hi everybody -

went to my two day craft show over the weekend; wasn't nearly as busy as other years but I did make a couple of hundred dollars and had fun, and it was a nice break from my chaotic daily life...

not much new and exciting to be seen, one gal had little tulle tutus which looked really cute, but all she had was a row of them on a table, not too sure if she even sold one...

the cutest thing was the Bikini Dish Cloths. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want people to think I was scamming ideas or working for some Chinese outfit that was going to mass produce

But what they were was a knitted dish cloth knitted to look like a bikini top and bottom. Attached to a card that was cut to resemble a mid drift and embellished with ribbon and rhinestones. The "bra" part of the top held two scrubbies -

It came with a poem that said something about if you are too shy to wear a bikini, grant your own wishes and use one to clean the dishes...

The gal sold them for $7 which would in no way cover her time and effort, but she sold out of the 30 or so she had displayed when the show started.

Suzan J

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Is this it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishcoth bikini

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Those are really clever!!

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Thanks for that link Adella, now visualize the bikini parts knitted and you've got what I was talking about. Those poems are quite cute!
Suzan J

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