my local craft show

grandma_bonnieNovember 26, 2007

We had a craft show in Morro Bay CA. I believe it is the 31st year for it. The weather was nasty - sun was out for maybe 4 minutes all day long. Did great! I sold just short of $500 and this morning I found threee-mail orders for more of the potato bags. There was another gal actually selling them - but she made them with polyester batting - I told her to pull them - not because I didn't like them - because it is VERY flamable!!! Thank goodness she hadn't sold any - really shoddy sewing and tiny to boot. She came to me and thanked me... My Redneck midriff tank tops did really well too - need to make more - also the snowmen items. I was nervous as I hae notice that people are buying gift for Christmas gifts - not necessarily Christmas things (ornaments etc.) Out to the craft room... Hope everyoine else did well.

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grandma bonnie, I'm planning to make a potato bag for myself and am so glad to read your post. I am a little concerned about placing this in the microwave and will not do that now but what do you make them out of that is safe to use in the microwave? Nancy

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Hi grandma bonnie, On a good day how many potato bags can you stitch up that day? Some days I think to myself that if I stitch up another shirt all over again today I will lie down and die. Do you think that way too at times? I guess that we are addicted, uh? Don't you just love it? I do.....Di

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I actually love fabric and there is so much vsriety to the different potato bags - I can sew up the bag in a minute - ten seconds and I have never times how long it takes to put it together to get ready to sew... I usually do at least 50 - 75 at a time so it is hard to figure... I love doing this!~ as soon as I csn, I hsve to start sewing neck coolers - I need to make 3,000 - 3,500 before the fair starts...

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I guess I missed something here, so.......may I ask what is a potatoe bag? And what is a neck cooler? I've done the Heating bags before with wheat or rice.

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I'm jumping for joy for you Bonnie ! The potato bags have been here forever -- I still see people buying them. It's a wonderful craft . ( I even bought one !) Those redneck tank tops are a hoot ! I'd love to know how to make one for myself .... but I'd need an extra large ! (gulp ) Any hints or tips ? I'd love to show up at a family function wearing one ! ROFL .... Yeah ..... I'm the black sheep ~~ LOL

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