Crafty use for covered buttons?

pegtnNovember 5, 2010

I have a stash of vintage buttons I've found at yardsales, auctions, etc. While sorting through the buttons last night, I was setting aside the covered ones, not planning on using them. But after I took a second look at them, I thought they would be really cute as pushpins for cork board, or magnets. But they need some type of embellishment, and thats where my ideas end lol. What can I use to embellish fabric covered buttons?

Oh, there are also some huge buttons that had to have come off of a faux fur coat. They are black, and about 2 1/2 inches. I was thinking these would make a great pin, or even an ornament. Any ideas?

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Bottle caps you can use too.lots of things work for that.cute idea

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use them for the middles of the 'yo yo' flowers and then glue to a big push pin. Or put them in frames or on dowels or wire in a pot.

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The covered buttons could have small glass beads, fabric paint could be used to make dots or heart(2 dots side by side & draw both down to bottom for a heart,sequins,small bits of broken jewelry,tiny sea shells, lace around edge? Weldbond is good glue as drys clear & holds well. The backs of the covered buttons might be a problem as the shank would stick out unless you cut it off. Sounds fun! Show us what you come up with! Jan

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Great ideas everyone. Thank you so much.

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If any are could stick a rhinestone in the center of it..

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