What do you Love even though it's frumpy?

juliekcmoJanuary 8, 2014

OK, so what do you love even though you know it's frumpy.

I love white leather Keds. Inexpensive, fit my narrow foot well, and you can wash them. I would wear them every day if I could.

But I can't.

I just can't wear them out of the house anymore--just too frumpy.

What do YOU love that is frumpy?

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granny panties

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Old flannel pajamas and thick socks.
This week, I'm adding the fluffy pink fleece robe to the ensemble. And wishing I could stay home in this dashing outfit all day!

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Oh man - I'm sitting here wearing old flannel pajamas (gift from my NYC daughter) and thick socks w/ UG slippers. I might not be stylish, but at least I'm warm and comfy. Two glasses of wine and I'm really good!

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Also meant to say - I too love my leather keds. Found a pair in narrow at an outlet mall and they really are comfy.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Angora sweaters.
I wore one today, it's 20 years old but still very fuzzy and so warm ( and I think, this particular one is very pretty). Two people complimented me on it but I also think they might have been surprised by the sweater, as such hasn't been seen in a looong time.
(And, for a good reason. The angora is from rabbits and the process is horribly cruel, similar to the fur industry)

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big pajama bottoms and thick socks!!
white keds.. though I like the canvas
bobby socks (though I admit i rarely wear them)
Huge men's shirts
duck shoes
penny loafers (but i like them in patent leather or unexpected colors)
cardigan sweaters

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Sensible shoes......I couldn't wear heels anymore if my life depended on it!

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Annie Deighnaugh

All winter long, I live in and love my navy knee high cable knit socks. I've worn them since I was a kid and hope to be able to until I'm 110 regardless of how frumptastik they are. Of course, I'm still in the frumpy camp that prefers socks to no socks in shoes.

And while I hate panty hose, I prefer panty hose to bare legs except in the summer.

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I am a white leather Keds wearer, too. The last time I saw them, I bought 3 pair, and I am on my last pair now. They zip, so they are almost not frumpy.

My BODY is frumpy.....


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I can't think of anything I actually love that's frumpy.

A few likes
-large t shirts to sleep
-flat shoes
-sweatshirts - I have too many from years past and hardly wear them, but so comfy. My favorites are the ones with holes wore into the end of the sleeve/cuff.
-clear, light pink, glitter, jelly shoes. Yeah, that's right. :) Wore them all the time as a kid and found some in my teens. Haven't worn them 'out' in years.

Here is a link that might be useful: my jelly shoes look very similar to these

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IF you see a red head climbing on logs on the beach in white keds....it's me :) I wear them outside. With cute jeans they still work...screw the frumpy crew, they're fabulous if you are :)

I love wear and tear and fade. I love china and silver and crystal. I love the glitz and glimmer of china and silver that your grandmothers treasured and so many of ya'll donate to the goodwill....I love the faded charm of history :) I am 50 years old and have been accused of living in my grandmothers home since I was 20 :) I love elegance and don't give a damn if that's not chic.

I also fall madly in love in the faded christmas ornaments so many people toss in the trash. And the funny thing is, so many others do as well, yet I know they've tossed mom's or grandmothers ornaments in the trash for me to find and rescue. My vintage trees always elicit such lovely memories....they're tarnished and lacking in the glitz of a perfect pink and silver or green and gold or whatever theme tree people like this week...but they give me such frumpy joy :)

And this week they're all coming down, hence the focus LOL

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Do my Clarks shoes and Easy Spirit sneaker mules count?

I also like to wear a non form-fitting T-shirt to workout in. Definitely frumpy.

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My Ecco sandals. They are frumpy and ugly. I call them my ugly walking shoes. And it's true, I walk miles in them in the summer.

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1. Shirts that: a) cover my midriff, and b) do not cling to my navel.

2. Turtlenecks. Unlike Nora Ephron, God rest her soul, I don't feel bad about my neck. I just like turtlenecks.

3. Toast and rough cut orange marmelade, with Constant Comment tea. (With a slug of rum, if necessary, for maximum frumpiness.)

4. Flannel robes.

5. Proper undergarments. One day at the panty factory someone ran out of fabric and decided to leave off the back side, and --- voilá--- the thong was born. I have been informed by the Younger generation that my belief that No Back on One's Drawers is Icky makes me frumpy.

6. Pearl earrings with a strand of pearls.

7. Stockings in cooler weather and in warm weather with dressier outfits. When I see women in suits with no stockings in winter I wonder where they left their common sense. Especially since stockings make most women's legs look better.

8. Closed toe shoes with suits. Please do not get me started on the current peep toe popularity, which I believe may have its origin in someone's foot fetish.

9. Headbands.

  1. Pale or clear polish on fingernails. No strong color on the hands, ever, and no black, blue or green which looks like advanced toenail fungus to me.
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My white cotton waffle weave belted bathrobe. For those of a certain age, when I go outside to get the newspaper I always get a mental image of Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched scurrying around :). All I need are some curlers and a sneaky snooping-on-neighbors look on my face and I'm there.

It's definitely frumpy but oh my so comfortable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs. Kravitz' Bathrobe

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Kswl....ha ha about thongs! My new DIL was recently in the hospital for a few days and DS asked if I wouldnt mind doing their laundry. OMG..the thongs...why even bother? I dont know how they wear those things. They do not look comfortable at all!

Also agree about nail polish...I don't mind a bold pink or red if going to a cocktail party and all dressed up but for everyday...no. And green, black, blue, etc......just UGH! And super long nails....UGH too!

Running....my coworker is the nosiest person on the face of the earth...I've secretly called her Gladys Kravitz for years!

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Elraes Miller

Cut my own hair. Sometimes just fluffing it wet and go. Thankfully seeing women in public with rollers in their hair has faded into the sunset.

Polyester has never been. But I do remember bright colors and some of the patterns of current styles being old lady wear. There was a well known poem "When I am old, I will wear purple", written in 1960 with a bit of oddities not fitting for today.

My mom was as much her style as possible in old age, she believed in old age rights, even though she could have had tea with the Queen. I always loved it when she would tell a clerk "You have no idea who you are speaking to" and she was right. Our frumpy days do not speak of who we really are, or do they, with comfort of self pretty wonderful.

Yes to granny panties. Although I found cotton girls Joe Boxers a couple of years ago and they are wonderful to wear.

Buying men's long sleeve T shirts or sweaters...they reach my wrists and cover below my waist. Am small which also means there is a wide choice. They now come in great colors, have some style, which means sales and are much less expensive. I also buy their full zip up sweat tops with a short standup collar. Recently I saw the same styles/materials in the gals dept, mens were a deal on price. And I don't think anyone has figured out they aren't ladies wear. Nothing that has buttons or flaps on men's sides, nor pants. Trying to find anything not showing above my waist is a waste of shopping given our options now. This started when I borrowed a shirt from my son to sleep in, very comfy and surprised at the fit.

Does running to the hardware in paint clothes count? At least they know me and have no expectations.

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Ditto KSWL!!!! :)

1)Keds: of all sorts and varieties. Don't like those large athletic shoes.

2)Flannel jammie pants.

3)White or Black basic Tees. Mossimo from Target. Much much longer than any other tee-shirts.

4)Pearls. Plus vintage jewelry of all sorts.

5)Sweatshirts. Necessary in this past month in DFW!

6)Undies that actually work well. No tags. Ever.

7)Pantyhose with shaper top.

8)Closed toe pumps. Yes. I do have open sandals of all heights too.

9)Clear or simply buffed fingernails.

10)Oh yeah!!! Tea and toast, oatmeal (once again -- groovy good food); good coffee; good dark chocolate

11)Swing coats. Gloves.



14)One-piece swimsuits. Plus a cover-up when walking through a hotel lobby.


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Well according to the dress with jacket frumpy post I guess my jeans and a fitted t-shirt type top is considered frumpy and that is my favorite thing to wear.

kswl - I think I could have written most of what you did with the exception of stockings in the summer here.

I forgot to say - I'm a pearl of any kind addict and tends to be most of my necklaces have one or more of a cultured or natural pearl. Guess I should branch out more, but that is what I'm attracted to at least some of the cultured ones are dyed for a bit of variety.

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All my workout clothes are probably frumpy, lose t's and yoga pants, and definitely my sweatshirts, the old fashion kind, not those flimsy new things they make now. Even bought two new ones Macys Karen Scot, definitely KS is frumpy.

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I'm in the ranks of leather keds wearers, granny panties, flannel nighties. Didn't know I had so much company!

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I will admit that I pay a lot more attention to my internal frumpy-meter as I get older. I just don't want to look matronly before my time (although I think "my time" is very near...turning 50 this year). For example, because I am short and bottom heavy, when I wear jeans with sneakers I look soooo dumpy. It might be comfortable but I just feel icky, so I don't do it. Even a boot with a 1" heel looks better than sneakers IMO (and don't get offended, Keds wearers -- I'm talking only about myself and how I look!). Usually I wear clogs, which are probably on a frumpy list somewhere, but they're the most comfortable shoe I've found with a solid 2" or 2-1/2" heel.

I also wouldn't wear sweats in public unless I were going to the gym or walking for exercise, but if I'm just hanging around the house, I am ALL about sweatpants and sweatshirts or fleece tops.

Oh, I forgot one more and I don't think it's been mentioned yet -- baseball hats. I will wear one for exercising (walking outdoors) or when I just have to run out quickly to the store or to pick up a kid and haven't washed my hair yet.

I definitely like to dress for comfort so if I didn't care what the world thought of me, I'm sure I'd be the frumpiest frump in town.

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Clogs....how could I forget my frumpy boiled wool Nordic clogs, thank you Sueb!

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Basically everything on Teacats' list, except the Keds.
I love my Clarks instead.

And sweats! My beautiful, fashion plate of a daughter is almost 20 and shudders visibly every time I put on a pair of sweats. She wants me to throw them all out, but they are so comfortable to clean the house and lounge around it. I especially love my thick, light gray ones.

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Lynn- try yoga pants instead of sweats. Love them and they are fitted and very, very comfy.

I'm very conscious of "frump", and honestly don't have many things that would be considered frumpy. I have a robe that could be considered frumpy and a couple of pairs of sport pants that are too baggy and definitely frumpy looking.

I agree with whoever responded on the other thread about frumpy being alot about things not fitting right.

I also agree with Sue - I'm also short and it's easy for some things to look frumpy on me that might look great on someone else. I do not wear tennis shoes other than when exercising/walking/etc. They look "old lady" on me. I'm another clog lover but the ones I have are stylish and not frumpy. Also agree about not wanting to look matronly and how it makes me FEEL if I have on something frumpy/matronly.


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I was going to list baseball hats but I don't think they frumpy! I suppose they're not 'in' so that would fit the definition of frumpy though.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I would call them. There are other things that fall into this unnamed (for me) category.

I also like pearls but don't think they always work for me. I feel I look like I'm playing dress up.

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One thing I like, or at least wear sometimes for comfort (and know are definitely frumpy) are Birkenstock sandals. Have worn them for almost 30 years and can walk forever in them without discomfort.

I'm thoroughly confused altho admittedly could be beyond frumpy since I don't seem to 'get' some of the frump mentioned. Is there an authority on âÂÂFrumpinessâ somewhere?

I never realized turtlenecks were frumpy as they are a very wise and comfortable choice in a cold climate. And my neck is really good for it's age so I'm not hiding anything! Also I consider a one piece swimsuit to be a public service choice for those of us who are past the point of gravity having taken over.

Are all hats frumpy? Perhaps, but I've started wearing wide brimmed ones in the summer and feel quite "English lady"! LOL Guess that tells me they really are frumpy! Tough.

How can good coffee and good chocolate be frumpy? Not in my world.

Are most comfortable clothes considered frumpy?

Agree with sweat pants being frumpy and I've not worn them since discovering yoga pants years ago.

I don't even want to get started on the no-panty-hose-with-dressy-clothes. Bare legs with dressy clothes should only be shown by those who have perfect legs with a perfect tan and definitely with no visible veins. Probably about 10% of the female population would qualify.

IMO the trend to strapless wedding and formal gowns worn by overweight women is either frumpy or merely downright ugly. I don't love them but many young women seem to.

My body is not frumpy, actually pretty good for being in it`s 8th decade. Realism prevails.

Igloochic, I too love the faded charm of history and would even if everyone of the planet considered it frumpy. I must leave instructions for my collection of silver holloware to be buried with me. ;D It's not going anywhere while I am still kicking.

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I wasnâÂÂt aware that turtlenecks were considered âÂÂfrumpyâÂÂ. IâÂÂve worn them all my life and love them, and it has nothing to do with my neck. My pearl studs are my favorite earrings, too! I also do the baseball hat over unwashed hair when necessary, and love my white leather Keds. I donâÂÂt own any pantyhose, however, yet I do love tights with the right hemlines in winter months.

If all this makes me âÂÂfrumpyâÂÂ, then itâÂÂs just too bad - IâÂÂm too stubborn to change my ways just to follow someone elseâÂÂs interpretation of whatâÂÂs âÂÂin fashionâÂÂ!

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Oh, the sweatpants.

My hands down favorites are mens hanes basic sweats from target.

Why? The mens ones have pockets.

These are the best pant for cleaning house, repairs, and painting. They go on sale for, wait for it. the low low price of $3.48.

They are oversized on me since they are mens, and would possibly pass for trendy when cuff-rolled at the hem into capris, except for the â¦.ahemâ¦.extra room in the crotchal area since they are for men. So tragically frumpy.

But so good that both my DDs in their 20s wear them too. I mean, come on, $3.48.

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Had to laugh at your comment about doing your DIL's laundry, and saying why bother with wearing thong undies. I call my DD's thongs "why bothers"â¦have called them that for years!!

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Juliekcmo, I am having a good laugh as I crawl into bed after putting away about ten thousand Christmas tree ornaments....crotchal area?.... Now there's a baggy visual, lol!!

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Total frump here based on most of your descriptions. For work today (and most every day between Nov 1 and Mar 31):

Wool cardigan
Duck shoes
Cable knit knee socks
Pearl earrings

Before i just showered, add flannel nightgown and terry cloth robe to the mix.

Clothes that fit on a reasonably in shape body are never frump. Frumpy is the opposite, regardless of what the garment is.

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Can I expand into a love shout-out to my local trade joes and target.


In the same mall as the 24 hour fitness gym.

In our neighborhood, the code of acceptability is that one is COMPLETELY appropriately dressed for being out in public to wear any and all workout attire (with a coverup if on the skimpy side of course) with bed head/ hat hair to boot, if one is shopping at target or trader joes.

Because we are efficient and want it to be OK to go to the gym and then pop into target or trader joes afterward.

Unshowered and frumpy. In public. And not a hardware store.

It's rather awesome.

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I think you're the opposite of frumpy if your work outfit doesn't include pants or a skirt. You, Madame, are a daredevil. Doesn't you tush get cold?

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I had a sort of a frumpy intervention.

This year, with three kids in three different schools none of which provide transportation, I drive my girls to their schools in one direction and DH takes our son in another direction.

Not being a morning person, my standard of attire for this duty has been very ... lax, shall we say? I brush my hair but that's about it.

So anyway, a few weeks ago, I needed something at the supermarket. There is one I pass right on the way home. So I dropped in.

At check out, I ran into a Mom from my DD1's school. I wanted to melt into the floor like the Wicked Witch of the West. She looked so casually chic; nice jeans, boots, a scarf wrapped just so. And appropriate grooming and make up. I looked like something out of a hostage video.

I decided that, if I felt that way being "caught", I really should not go out in frumpy mode. That very day I discarded several wardrobe items and ordered new casual clothes specifically for this "commute".

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Mtrd, many years ago I drove my son to HS every day.On the way home I would pick up the paper at the local pharmacy. They were right inside the door and used the honor system. I had about a 15 second dash from car to paper and back. Many was the day I was dressed in my nightie under a raincoat with definite bed head. To my horror they moved the papers to the back of the store. No more morning paper for me!

Granny panties were the first thing that came to mind although I no longer own any. White bras also seem frumpy to me. Maybe because it's all my mom wears.

Elastic waist pants. Love those little gathers all along the back. Ugh.

One of my frumpiest items is an ancient pair of Josef Seibel walking shoes. The toe box is totally square and they are so clunky looking. I don't care. I can walk for miles on sidewalks on those things without my knees and hips complaining.

Here's something else that I think looks frumpy and I wear all the time in warm weather -- capri pants. No one looks good in them. They cut your leg in half. Until they come up with something that provides some air circulation in the summer yet also covers up older legs, I will be wearing them. However, I only wear them with sandals or ballet slippers. Even I will not be so frumpy as to wear them with sneakers.

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Why is it on the day your hair looks fabulous or maybe you're wearing something that really looks great, you don't run into anyone you know at the grocery store or post office?

I don't deliberately wear anything I consider frumpy. That's not to say other people don't look at me and wonder why I'm wearing something so frumpy. I've always been a scarf wearer and for years others probably viewed me as frumpy but now everyone wears them. I was ahead of that curve and will end up behind it when they go out of favor again.

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I looked like something out of a hostage video.

I relate to this one :-) There is nothing more terrifying than running into a group of impossibly chic preschool mothers on your way home from morning drop off. They are on their way to coffee at the (then) local French bakery on York Avenue where I am sure they plan to drink coffee and eat one flake of a croissant each. I, OTOH, have another child wearing pajamas in a stroller with a D'Agostinos bag hanging from it, and I am trying to drink coffee, push the stroller, and eat a bagel while singing "The Wheels on the Bus" to the strolee, who is lustily leading the chorus. And her nose needs wiping.

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My heart goes out to you, KSWL. A flock of inner city preschool Moms? Oh my, that's a very high bar. Are you sure they weren't on their way to Pilates and a wheatgrass smoothie?

One of the best things about the burbs is, as long as you look good, neck up, in a blur behind tinted glass, it's all good. (thus the conscientious hair-brushing) No one needs to know I have on DH's slippers, when you just drive up and drop off!

My unveiling could have been prevented. DO NOT get out of the vehicle. The vehicle, of course, has to be a Range Rover. Unless the DH is dropping off in which case a sports car with a comparable or higher MSRP will do.

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No wheatgrass smoothies, this was NYC in the 80s and very early 90s....the women were thin because they simply did not eat. At all, never mind anything healthy. The UES was a different kind of place. No eating, fur galore and they got their exercise doing errands while the chauffeur drove slowly alongside and hopped out to put the packages in the car. That was considered down to earth, walking into the dry cleaner and picking it up yourself and THEN putting it in the chauffeurs arms and walking briskly to the next block to pick up something at Mary Arnold for the next birthday party at Jeremy's.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

For you, Ded! I laughed out loud with this one.

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LOL, Cyn, that's funny. I could see that happening!

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kSWL, we probably crossed paths back in the day but I was the wannabe-chic 20-something who tried carefully not to look too hungover/tired from a late night out on a work night on my way to catch the 79th Street bus! I lived on E. 83rd b/w York and East End from '90-93. Oh how I loved that neighborhood, but have to say, I never even noticed the preschooler moms then.

On days I drive my kids to school, I'm usually on my way to work out and if it's my shopping day, stop at Trader Joes afterward so I am that mom that Julie describes! But I only allow myself to be dressed that way early in the morning. I won't run errands later in the day in my exercise gear. However, many a day, like today for one, I still had on my exercise gear at 3pm when I picked up My kids b/c I didn't have time to fit in a shower.

I've been tempted to wear my pjs a few times at morning drop off, tho my Pjs are basically lounge pants and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt for warmth. But after getting a flat tire a month ago late at night on my way home from book club and having to wait an hour for roadside assistance (dh was OOT), I realized how unexpectedly you can be trapped outside the house. It was a good reminder to me never to wear pjs and slippers when driving anywhere!

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Forgot to add that I've recently gotten caught up in the Ballykissangel series on AmazonPrime. It's an old BBC series filmed in Ireland over 10 years ago. Most of the women's clothes are pretty frumpy, but what I really noticed were the high waisted jeans! Even on the younger women, they look pretty awful! While I'm not a fan of low waisted jeans, I do think there is a happy medium. I think for women like me, the best fit is something that sits just below the belly button...not high waisted but not causing muffin top either. Those high waisted jeans just make women looke like they have very long bums!

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4kids, you're probably right--- we lived on 70th and York and the preschool was Caedmon, on 89th between First and York. We often went to Carl Schurtz park after school, and spent a lot of time roller skating on the esplanade along the East River. One of our regular play dates lived on East End. I loved your neighborhood, too! Our nearest park was St. Catherine's, and it was pretty seedy until renovated sometime around '89, I think. After oldest son moved schools I picked him up on Park and we went to the playground at 85th Street in CP. Lovely memories!

I have to lol about the jeans through the ages posts. I must be the only person in the universe who doesn't own a pair!

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