Necklace holder?

lavender_gailNovember 27, 2011

I am looking for a cute craft idea in making a necklace holder. I actually want one for myself as well as gift giving. Any links or ideas?

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I agree with mojo west.
When i was young my then boyfriends grandfather made me a necklace holder out of a small branch. He had it in a base of wood (half rounded, like half a piece of a very large dowel) and an acorn on top. I still have it 35 years later. It is small but it wouldn't be hard to make a larger one.

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What I have seen most of lately was a board anywhere from 2-6 inches tall by about10" inches with different knobs You could use different large beads or pegs and paint them to match the decor. Some of them have used rustic wood and some cute verses. The hangers have been a couple holes with fabric through it for a hanger or a hanger on the back.

I also saw one that was a frame any size would work but think the one I saw was around 4 tall and 12 wide. Just leave the cardboard backing in it that comes with a frame. You could cover cardboard with something if you like. Cut little sticks with short branches (3/4 to 1 inch) long enough to fill the frame. In the case of 4x12 the sticks would be 4 inches. Glue them in where the glass would fit and fill side by side. Same idea as a tree branch.

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How about a vintage candelabra? You could probably find one in silver plate or brass at a local thrift store. Shined up it would be very *blingy* to compliment your jewels. Make it even more *blingy* by gluing on crystals. ;o)

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Deer horns make nice jewelery hangers. I also saw where they take a picture frame. 8 X 10 or 5 X 7 remove glass and cardboard and replace with a piece of screen wire stretched tight. Mostly good for pierced earings. Some added cups hooks around the frame for hanging necklaces.

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I bought a couple of simple narrow boards with litttle knobs on them (like very short rounded pegs) from Ikea - but available many other places. They came with hardware to screw them to the wall. I love having my necklaces hanging on the wall (not cluttering the dresser). I can see them all at a glance. I also made an old picture frame into an earring and bracelet holder by replacing the glass with chicken wire and attaching a few small cup hooks to the bottom. Both could be painted or decorated as desired.

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