Glass Ball Santas *pic*

shaunNovember 14, 2008

Hi all, just sharing what I'm making this year for my family.

Glass Ball Santas! They're so cute. Hope the pictures do them justice.

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They are just too darn cute. Thanks for showing them off.

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Oh my adorable. Would you share how you make them? Where do you find the glasses?

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Oh Sorie6 you would ask that! hahah! I'm having a heck of a time finding more glasses. Michaels sometimes has them but right now they are out of them. May have to order more online.

I'll try to explain how to make them.


Hot Glue Gun
Glass Balls
Red Felt
Wiggly Eyes
Red Balls for noses
Craft Boa
wide (12mm) white pipe cleaners
1" white pom poms

Cut felt to resemble a b-day hat. Hot glue edges together and then turn inside out. Looks like a dunce cap.

1. Glue pipe cleaner around base of hat; glue pom pom on tip of hat.

2. Glue Hat to Glass Ball (not too far down)

3. Glue Eyes on Ball

4. Glue Nose on Ball

5. Glue or push glasses (ends of frames) under the hat letting the lenses rest on nose.

6. Bend pipe cleaner into a V shape, glue the V part under nose then bend the ends up over cheeks and glue end to edge of hat. Cut off any extra little piece.

7. Glue boa just at the bottom of the pipe cleaner, going around his face up to the edge of hat.

8. Bend tip of hat over and glue to side.

Add little ornaments to front of cap.

Using ice pick, poke hole into top of hat and push thin ribbon thru then tie a knot. This is so you can hang it.

I think that's it.

Hope I explained it well enough! Good Luck!!

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Oh my gosh these are soooooo cute.. you guys are so creative.. thanks for sharing this with all of us.. now I have to make some of these.. whew.. I am running out of time .. LOL I will be making these on New Years.. Oh well I can save them for next year..LOL

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How sweet! And my grandson was across the room behind me and came running up saying " I know who that is! It's Santa!" hehe, he just loved them, and I do,too!

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Aw thanks everyone!

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Those are just precious. Those little glasses just make them extra cute. Wish I was on your Christmas gift list! Luvs

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Shaun- I have a craft blog and would love to put them on it with your permission! I would be sure to give you full credit for the project!
Just let me know!!

Here is a link that might be useful: redmommycrafts

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Amber, I'd be delighted!

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The ornaments just went up!! Thanks so much for allowing me to post!!! I really love them!!!

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Thanks for the tutorial on them. I hope I can find the glasses. So cute.

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These are adorable!! Your so generous to share your directions!!

thank you,

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Sooo cute! dont know how I missed the post, TFS beautiful crafting!

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Those are cute! Reminds me of the satin ball Rudolph ornaments I used to make for my son and our tree.
If you can't find the glasses you could make them out of gold craft wire and cut out heavy clear plastic lenses from one of those very hard to open packages that you buy at the store. The kind that you have to use a knife or scissors to open. After you make the frames, cut out 2 circles of plastic just little bit larger that the opening for the lenses. Then from the back side of the glasses glue the plastic lenses in place with a dab of hot glue on each side and at the nose piece of the glasses. Your friends will be amazed that YOU made his glasses! Good luck!

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Theres soooo muchg you can do with clear balls,fill em,paint them ,put paint inside swirl,my daughter & Imade raggedy ann& andy they were gorgeous.we filled clear with tan paint to start.

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