Need ideas- how to package up these faeries! 3 pics

FlamingO in ARNovember 4, 2007

OK, a little history- late last year someone here posted about some little faeries and someone else posted a link to Sally Ann Mavor's faeries, they showed kits and a book. I fell in love with them, something about them reminded me of my childhood. I got the book and started making them for an ornament exchange party that I go to in Dec. I made about 35 of them, sold some, gave some as gifts and I have 24 for the party. (I had a blast making them and getting together all the fun materials to do then, but I'm about sick of making them, phew. I want my old/young eyes back!) lol Right now they are languishing in baggies. I need a way to prettily wrap and present them at the party. Nothing TOO elaborate, and must be easy to open without someone actually crushing the faerie since they won't know what's inside, but baggies won't cut it. Presentation is key, you know! lol

For size-

The only inexpensive way I can think to wrap them is to just use one or 2 sheets of tissue paper and pull it up and gather and tie it at the top. Seems kind of lackluster, though. I wouldn't mind folding some boxes or something but because they're about 4" tall I am having trouble finding a pattern for a box big enough.

What do you crafters think? Any brilliant packaging ideas out there? How would YOU present them if you were doing this???? I wish I could think of a clever, faerie-ish way to do it! Like make a giant mushroom and put them inside it. lol

I'm planning to let everyone draw a tag that matches one on a faerie and then let them trade the tags until they get a "name" they like. (They won't know what the tags mean yet.) Then when it's my turn to hand out my ornies, I'll pull a wrapped one out, read it's tag and see who has "Milkweed" and give it to her. Then later on they can trade again if they want. Does that sound like a fun, mysterious way to do it? Or is it too much trouble? Should I just hand them out once, no extra mystery?

Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a link to her book......

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How about the clear or printed cellophane bags that they sell for putting candy or favors in. I've gotten them at Michaels on the cake decorating aisle and there are maybe 50-100 for $2 or $3 I think. My friend uses them to package her soaps sometimes. You could tie them up with pretty wired ribbon instead of the twist ties that come with them. That's kinda fairyish. :)
Those are super cute btw! ~Anj

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How about putting them in organza bags. Here is a link to
where you can purchase them online. I think Michaels sells
them too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nashvillewraps

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Those are really adorable and well made, I'm sure everyone will love them...nice job!
What about having them sit on a rock or a piece of wood and then in a cellophane or organza bag to give them a bit more stability - you could even make a "rock" out of paper mache but that would be a lot of could be a temporary thing where you attach them to the rock with a gold twist tie or something similar, or more permanent so they sit rather than stand...and I think the idea of handing out the names without them knowing what the significance is would be really fun, that's how I would do it.
Suzan J

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Forgot to mention, you did a great job. They are really cute!!

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They are adorable

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Houw about hanging them on a tree as the centerpiece then do the tag thing?

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks, everyone.

Anjabe- I bought some of the cellophane bags but they just aren't doing it for me. Which is not to say that I won't end up using them! lol Maybe with some mylar shredded in the bottom for cushioning.... Kind of messy though for the hostess to clean up. I'm thinking out loud here.

Thanks, Evelyn, for the link to the organza bags. I can't believe how reasonable they are! (Unless that's the "10 to a pack, each bag is $1.63" or something.) I'll have to look into those, when you said organza I thought, oh I could sew my own, but if they are that inexpensive to buy, why would I do that? lol

Suzan, using rocks is a good idea, or maybe even a pinecone! That's a natural/faerie kind of thing! Thanks for that idea. Goodness knows we have tons of rocks around here in the Ozarks. And this time of year, I can get pinecones at the store.

Thanks, Minnie. I actually thought about that earlier, but I kind of want to keep them under wraps until it's exchange time. Keep the suspense up, you know! lol Plus the hostess always has her tree up and the house all decorated, so I don't want to interfere with her decisions. Also, if you let people sit there and pick which one they want, it slows the whole process down, that's why I thought "let 'em draw names earlier, exchange them while we all eat and visit and then when it's time, hand them out." That way it's fast and easy.

People expect a nifty ornie from me and I like to make them wait as long as possible to see it. These were the most time consuming ones I've ever made for them. They better like 'em! :) I bet all the other women haven't even started theirs yet.

I'm still open to more ideas! I like all of these so far, though.

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I love them! I'm sure everyone will love them & I'm sure you're right about some women not starting theirs yet, I'd probably be one of those ladies. About the packaging, there's a store here called "Not Just Paper" that sells cake boxes, etc. I've never priced the small boxes, but the large boxes are under $1. The boxes are plain white, but would be pretty with just a ribbon & the name on top, then they open the box & BAM!! there's the beautiful little faeries. The faeries are so precious that they don't need any help prettying them up. I hope this helps, but I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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I think your idea of the drawing the tags to pass them out sounds like fun!

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How beautiful they all are! I'm getting into fairies and these are great!! I agree with barb from pa that the idea of drawing the tags would be fun and fair. For packaging, perhaps you can look for candy boxes and wrap them in the same color ribbon as the fairy.

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Your fairies are so beautiful! I am wondering what you used for their hair. I have only seen the really curly hair.

As for the packaging, I am thinking about trying an idea I saw in a craft book I have. They took a piece of bubble wrap, spray painted it in purple and gold, used it to wrap a bottle of wine, and tied it with a scrap of gold wired ribbon. You could cut the bubble wrap to size, paint, and even use some spray glitter on them. I don't think it would be too expensive. Their's really looked different, but classy.

This swap sounds like so much fun. You will have to let us know how you wrap them, and pictures are always welcome, too. I'm sure they will love them no matter how they are wrapped. I know I would.

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I was going to suggest going to the deli dep't of a grocery store & buying the clear hard plastic square salad containers (the size of a small 'to go' box at a restaurant. You could place a pretty piece of sheer fabric inside-lay the fairy in position & fluff the rest of the piece of fabric over the item. Snap the box shut, then add pretty sheer ribbon bows (of different colors) to the top of each.
By the way?....they are Adorable!

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, Sharon- that is a great idea, I really like that! I'll have to see about buying 2 dozen of them. Man- that sounds perfect, really- they'd be safe in there and they'd be in their own little home. lol Thanks so much!

Shysue- I used wool roving for the hair. I found a source that has packages of 6 colors for a reasonable price, I ended up getting 3 of those packages so I had lots to pick from when it came time to doing the hair and the head and the wings. That was the fun part, actually- finishing the faerie. See the link........ I bought Brights, Pastels and Hair colors.

Thanks so much for all the great ideas and the encouragement, ladies! I'm all fired up again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to roving for hair and more.....

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I love, love the fairies you did a wonderful job, I have the same book, but have yet attempted to try doing any.

If I were to package them, I think I would buy a large silk rose, and nestle each one in the center of the "open" rose. Under the rose use some pretty shredded paper(to help cushion and "secure" the fairy and rose in the box) in the corresponding color of the fairy. You can use a clear corsage box to hold your treasure. OR if you want to continue the suspense you can use a small simple white cardboard box you can purchase at Michaels Arts and Crafts with the shredded paper, rose, and fairy...Oh they are SOOOO lucky!!!

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, Judith, your idea sounds lovely, too. I only wish I had a Michael's nearby, closest one is about 75 miles away. Now- go forth and make faeries, woman!

This is what I did- at WalMart I bought 5- 5 packs of a Rubbermaid container, it's a decent size, clear top and bottom, deep enough to hold some excelsior and the faerie. (Our deli uses cups instead of boxes, rats.) Then from Hobby Lobby I got some wired gold ribbon (50% off!) to wrap around the container to disguise its clearness. On top of that I'll put a little pinecone pick, it's wired with some cones and berries together and a smidge of greenery. I'll make a tag for each one using my alphabet stamps, "Gardenia" or "Fuchsia" or whatever and tie that to the package top with a gold cord. Voila! It'll soon all be done, yay, and for less than a dollar each! And all the recipients will have a faerie AND a new container for leftovers! lol

Thanks for all the help and ideas and brainstorming with me, ladies!

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Your faeries are adorable, and I love the tags that go with them too!

Please show us a picture of the finished, packaged gifts when you get them done!

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Oh, how cute they are. They certainly do have the spirit of a happy childhood about them.

I think I'd put them each in a mason jar... like lightning bugs. :-)


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Sorry I have no ideas on packageing, love jenns idea of the mason jar, had to say those little fairies are soooo cute! and what a beautiful job you have done crafting them, all the detail,OMG! love the little tags.
Just Beautiful!

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oh these are absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, charming, I'm soooooooooo in LOVE!!!!! Your work is sooooo outstanding!!I wished you lived near by I would love to come and purchase a few.

I do captured fairies in a jar almost as jenn described but mine are only altered/collage art nothing as gorgeous as you have is a quick look at how I do it...

Even if you don't use this idea now it might be something you would want to do in the future.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ginger's Captured Fairies

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, I like the canning jar idea, too! Shoot. Hmmm. We used to have a ton of jars but sold them all at a yard sale. I wish I hadn't sold them. I just called my mom and asked her to go price them for me, she lives right by a couple of stores. She's also going to go down to the flower shop and inquire about corsage boxes. I can return these containers I bought yesterday to Wal Mart if I decide not to use them.

Ginger, your jars are lovely, thank you for showing them to us.

Thank you all very much, I never dreamt you would give me SO many good ideas. I'll be sure to show you what I end up doing. Now it's back up in the air! lol

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Oh, I'm so happy the idea helped! Yay!

Ginger, your work is always so much fun to see.


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I second Nashville Wraps, but I would use either the Chinese takeout boxes or the cute little purse bags.


Here is a link that might be useful: Nashville Wraps

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions and ideas, everyone. I LOVE that Nashville Wraps site, it's fabulous! But I've decided now that I'm going to make string balloon things which will be very inexpensive to do, just a little time consuming. I'll post pix when I'm done!

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