likeatortoiseDecember 8, 2012

I did a search and didn't see any info on barndonimiums--ie big iron and steel barns insulated and fitted out to be lived in as houses, with or without a dedicated area for boats, RV's, horses, etc.

I wondered if anyone here had researched or built one. Searching online it seems they are becoming popular in rural Texas. The most popular method is to build the shell, spray foam insulation, then build an interior 2x4 wall, insulated again with fiberglass batts, and drywalled.

I'm wondering why no one (that I've read about) seems to use the insulated wall panels that steel building manufacturers make (ie they are thick foam, which gives a very high R value in only a few inches, with skins of steel , stucco, or magnesium oxide board, on the outside and inside. Building an entire interior structure of wood just seems so wasteful, and here in humid Florida seems a good idea to avoid wood and drywall altogether if possible.

Is anyone here interested in these structures? I'd love to hear more discussion about them.

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Never heard of that!

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I never heard of them either until I noticed a big metal building for sale in my neighborhood and started to ponder the possibilities. Steel building companies are starting to offer them (see link). It intrigued me as I love large open spaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barndominium builder

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never heard them called barndominiums
but not uncommon in rural La. where
I live.

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