Eucalyptus Christmas Tree

msfloraNovember 11, 2011

Have any of you ever seen or made a Eucalyptus Tree? I bought one at a yard sale years ago and love it but it's getting a little shabby from years of use and packing up for storage. It's made by covering a tree shaped styrofoam form with Ecalyptus leaves and then going back and sticking the ends of the branches all over it staggering the lengths and sizes of the branch ends with the largest ones toward the bottom of the tree and the smallest toward the top. I think it's really cute


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Haven't seen one but they sound interesting.

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If the branches are sticking out, they probably were put on first, then the leaves. It sounds like a nice thing but i can't quite picture it.

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Post a picture. Maybe we can help you figure it out.

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