Need miniature theme Christmas tree ideas

phish_gwNovember 8, 2013

I bought some miniature trees on sale last year (maybe 15 inches high) and wanted to do some theme trees this year. But now I can't think of any theme ideas! Does anyone have any ideas for little theme Christmas trees?

And also, any advice on anywhere unusual to get the decorations (other than my local crafts store).


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Craft shows is always a good place to buy unusual ornaments and you're helping to support a crafter at the same time! There's snowman themes, Santa themes, Blue, Red, Masculine...

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I like to put one in my kitchen with little cooking ornaments! Just wish they were easier to find as I would like to have more. If you find any, let me know.
Also bought a little card of tool ornaments (suitable for a smaller tree) at the Hobby Lobby for hubbies!

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Miniture tools are around, check your hobby shops, and on line. I have seen them. Even in a larger toy store they may have some. Check the craft stores like JoAnnes and even the dollar store.

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If you are looking for child size cooking ware, try Wal-Mart and Target in the toy section. Barbie probably has miniatures and also the American girl knock-off dolls have cooking equipment.

For themes, you could do anything...seashells, owls, snowmen, Santas, birds, candies, a color,

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I Made one for my bathroom several years ago.I decorated it with mini rolls of t.p.,which I made from Kleenex,and toothpicks, some qtips I cut down, some clear glass beads for sparkle,and some little red bows for additional sparkle

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Look in the button section in JoAnns, Micheals, hobby lobby.... lots of things there, school buses, ladybugs race cars trains, birds.....

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