painted suitecase

oddieNovember 2, 2007

Here is my frist try at painting on a suitecase, couldnt have done it with out luvs help, thanks luvs!

happy crafting


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Cute, Oddie! I haven't been on the D&T painting forum in a bit but I went there and saw this there first....I see Luvs showed you my first attempt over there, too :)

So did you find a special place for your suitcase? Mine is on the front porch. It's actually holding our tablecloth for the table on the porch and some other things I wanted to keep nearby and clean. :)

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Pudge 2b

(((sigh))) I wish I had that kind of talent. Beautiful!

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I wish I had that talent! That is so cute - you did a great job.

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I love it! You did an awesome job. Wish I could paint. We who do not paint, have to decoupage. LOL

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Thanks you guys! I am always saying if I can do it anyone can, I stick to the large objects eaiser to paint, but decoupageing is cool also have seem some real nice things made useing decoupage.
sweets98 havent desided what I will do with it yet, might get into a small craft show I was told about, but might be to late, like everyone I could use some cash at this time of the year!
do you have any ideas what I could sell it for? anyone know?
Thanks for looking!

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WOW!! Man that is fanatastic oddie:
I appreciate you showing this to me!!! It sure brightens up my day !!! that little snow person is Way so COOOOOOOOOL!!
Not to flakey to me.....
I think you do fantastic work!!!!
I would love to take that little snow person through the airport and watch people's faces!!!! I think I'm gonna do that for my GD and DD!!!'
Love it , Love it, LOVE IT !!!
Buy the way .... did you put down a primer 1st? and what did you use to SEAL it????
Thanks again!
God Bless !

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Oddie, I am so amazed by you! You just painted that suitcase up in no time! That turned out just great, aren't you proud of yourself? And you said you weren't a painter! Wrong! Now that you are finding out how fun it is, hope you will be finding lots more things to paint. Where did you find such a cute pattern? Or maybe you designed it yourself even. You are a very talented lady. Way to go! ;o) Luvs

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Really LOVE it! Very excellent job, Oddie! I have a few suitcases sitting patiently waiting for someone to do something with them, maybe I'll get on one this weekend.
Thanks for the inspiration - do you paint the other side just plain or what do you gals do with these?
Suzan J

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susiesunshine, thank you! check out the tole painting fourm luvs posted directions for me there, on how to paint one, I am sure it would help you! was so nice of her to do that and she explanes better then I could.
Sjarz thank you! been wanting to try one since I saw luvs, check hers out on the tole painting fourm, there is also one by sweets98, bouth are beautiful! I did only paint the front on mine, thought about doing the back ground with some snowflakes on the back, but not sure it needs it, just a pretty to set out, luvs posted that you could store your decorations in them, put table cloths like sweets98 said, so they are useful also.
Luvs I did post on the painting fourm so you would be sure to see it, I was so excited and used the subject painted suitecase, kinda got lost with the other post, yes I was prould of myself, and couldnt have done it without your help! it was fun and you know I have another one in red any ideas? I confuss I stole the pattern off of one I saw when doing a search, I kept looking at the one I had in mind to do ,but it just wasnt right, I changed a few things and left out a few, I did freehand the painting and the words were mine, or maybe I saw them somewhere, eather way I did the crafting, thought I might add a tag where the ribbon is, looks like we have inspired sjarz to try one and susiesunshine, cant wait to see photos, Thanks agine luvs for all your help!

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Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You are talented beyond words!!! AWESOME!!!


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Thanks ginger! what a nice thing to say, hope I can live up to those words! remenber I only show the projects that I think turn out okay LOL!
where can I go to see what beautiful jewerly you might have for sale ? time to think of Christmas gifts and I havent seen any on your ebay site for awhile, please post for me where to look.
Thanks agine

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Oddie, I didn't do anything but share some tips to give you a good foundation for your paints to stick to--you did the creative part of making it so cute!

You did really good if you were able to create your design just from something you saw. I usually use a pattern for mine!

Wow! A red suitcase could be really pretty too. Are you looking for another Christmas idea or something for year round? Red just makes me think Christmas, and I think snowmen would show up on it really good--but so would allot of other things! You'll know the right design when you see it.


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Luvs, I look at some craft things and can figure how to make it ,where others could do the project but dont know where to start or maybe the steps per say, but painting I was lost!
kept the photo up on my computer and tried to follow, althoe I love to draw I dont do well, and hes not quite right shape wise but he will do.
yes I am thinking Christmas for the red one its kinda dark red, I like the idea of what ever background to be close in color of the suitcase, just think it looks better, I will keep looking but if you can suggest something please let me know.
happy crafting

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Oddie, I just finished a Renee Mullins snowman on a wooden sign I had found at the TS. You'll have to go take a look at him on the Painting gallery. Her designs are usually easy to paint and I love the cheery colors she uses. (I just use what I have on hand that looks like what's on her pattern.) You can visit her website at to see more of her designs. I also like designs by Laurie Speltz. I think her website is She does lots of Santas and Snowmen too. Luvs

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Oops! I was wrong on the Laurie Speltz website. I'll post the link for you. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Laurie Speltz website

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Another spectacular job!! As usual you never cease to amaze me.

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OMGosh, Awesome Oddie!!! Man, you sure have talent!!!

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