How is your Shop doing?

huggybear_2008November 9, 2008

Leveta How is your shop doing? I hope you are doing well, in the small town next to mine..which would be Bellevue,Kentucky they have a lot of neat small craft and all kinds of shops. some old stuff some new. some beads and etc. some art work, we have a Mrs. Teapots.. which is the cutest place.. they serve all kinds of teas and food and it is so cute on the inside.. If you get a chance you might want to check out some of the shops let me see if I can find the website and I will post it here for you.

Good Luck with your shop. Here is the website for Mrs Teapots


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Hi huggybear, My shop done very well for the first season. I only had it open from 3rd week of sept till about that in oct. Next yr i hope to go into christmas as well. I'm already thinking up things for nest yr. I get so many ideals from these sites. How far are you from Lewisport,ky? I'm about 19 miles east of Owensboro.

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I am right across from Cincinnati, Ohio. not sure how far I am from you..will have to Mapquest..LOL
Sounds like you are doing everything right with your shop..You will indeed get some wonderful ideas from this website..All here are so nice and so willing to share their ideas.. Good Luck and keep us posted on your shop..

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Well how sweet is Mrs. Teapots...I think your only a couple hrs from here. Thanks for your good wishes... And your things are beautiful...

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Yes Mrs Teapots is a sweet place to go.. my girlfriends and even my grandson went with me to visit.. we had a great time.. Her high Tea is a bis success.. If you would like I would send you one of the lavender scahet as soon as I get my lavender..LOL you can do what you want with them..sell and or keep them.. I will send you a potato bag too.. and as GrandmaBonnie says if you like it come back and buy some more.. lOL
you can e-mail me at

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Yes I will do that...Thank You....

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