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qtiemomNovember 26, 2007

Well I am back from a Looooooong craft show weekend. We did really really well! I made a profit of $1,150.00 woooohooo!!!!

They are also having one at the same place next weekend and I wasn't going. But everyone kept asking if I would be there because this weekend was in between paydays for that area. So.....needless to say I decided to go next Saturday...since it's a

Those Chocolate snowman bars were a HIT! I sold 20 of each-large and regular sized! My christmas pins went like crazy too! It seems everyone in this little town is doing the "Secret Santa" thing so I sold so so so many little things. But they sure added up!

There was also a lady there that made candles and OMG they were beautiful! She had soooooooooo many of them and just about sold out. Her prices were so cheap too! I even bought me a set for my christmas decorating. $8.00 for a set of two and they are huge candles

Other than that...I didn't see anthing out of the ordinary. Typical stuff and a few Avon, MaryKay people.

I have the perfect spot at this one too. I am the first vendor as you walk in the door and the last vendor as they The bad part was it's by the door and I FROZE! But it was all worth it!

So, this week I will be "replacing" inventory for Saturday!

So that was the scoop! Hopefully next weekend will be just as good!


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Hi qtiemom, sounds like you had great success at your show! I used to sell small items too and they sold well, but I didn't sell as many as you! I am wondering what are the chocolate snowman bars? do you have pics?

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GREAT!!! Good for you kiddo and here's to a repeat next week-end!

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Good for you. Sounds like you will be very busy this week. I did a two day show also We almost did the same amount. $1174 but That is before taking the space off and the expenses for my shirts,vests,material etc. Keep up the good work. Di

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Pudge 2b

Excellent! It's so nice to hear good results from so many crafters who sell.

I didn't have a show last weekend, but have one this coming Saturday. I'm just taking a break at the moment from the hot glue gun and trying to get off all that is stuck to my hands and nails...

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Good for you! I'm so glad you had a good show, and hopefully, next weekend will be just as good or better. Wishing you much success. Luvs

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CONGRATULATIONS from a full timer!
Four figure shows are nice, aren't they?

We finished our major show schedule this past weekend just outside of Boston and now have two smaller shows left and then it's in front of the woodstove until late January when shows start again. But I'm dreaming. My wife will have lots for me to do.

Chris in VT

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Congratulations! sounds like you bouth did wonderful!

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Congratulations Marci! You go girl!
Any pics of your booth? Would love to see one.

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