almost ready to pull the trigger on a BlueStar range

cookncarpenterDecember 1, 2012

After months, maybe even years of thinking about and planning our final kitchen go round. I want to be sure with my choices. Being new to this site, you all seem so helpful and honest in your opinions, so here goes... Does the oven door get too hot to stand in front of while cooking on the stove? I don't do a ton of baking, my stovetop cooking amounts to probably 80% of the range use, BUT when I do use the oven, I'm usually standing at the stove. Is this a problem with all gas ranges? Wolf, CC, etc. thanks in advance for your feedback! this is a big purchase, and probably the last stove /range oven I will own

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I just got a Bluestar Oct 1 and had my first Thanksgiving, cooking a 21 pound turkey. I didn't notice the door being overly hot. I also got a separate warming drawer. It was the first time since cooking my first Thanksgiving in 1978 that everything was served hot!!

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I don't have a Bluestar, but since you asked about other gas ovens I'll tell you about my older Viking range. At this moment the oven happens to be on at 350. The door is too hot to put my hand on, but it is not too hot to stand in front of the range to cook with the burners. I do it all the time with the oven at higher temps too.

Kind of unrelated, but maybe it will ease your mind: I have an electric kiln in my basement that I normally run at up to 1400 F (but it will go up to 2300). You certainly can't touch the outer metal casing with your bare hand when it is running. But you can hold your hand just an inch or 2 away without discomfort. I don't know if the Bluestar range door gets as hot as my Viking's. But even if it does, standing in front of it shouldn't be a problem.

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The CC has coolest oven door on the market,including Wolf.

It is certainly not a problem cooking on my CC stovetop while the gas oven is at 425 degrees.

Have not cooked at the range with the oven hotter than that.

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Not even close to too hot to stand in front of. The door does get very warm/hot to touch but not too hot to stand in front of. And I have one of the old style doors (circa 08)

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Agreed about the Bluestar. Too hot to touch and the range throws a lot of heat into the room, but definitely not too hot to stand in front of.

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Te knobs can get really not. I find that more bothersome than the door getting hot. But I love the BS range and do not regret my decision to buy it.

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