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danaohNovember 13, 2007

sold out of cake in a mug - had 14 @$5! Sold a few dang it dolls @$5 (church bazaar, hence the name), a couple of record bowls (a 78@$5 and a 45@$2.50), a few dog scarves @$4. Not a single felted wool sweater purse @$25 - and those are the best! Made $140, booth cost $40 (plus the $2 for the incredible brownies)- an ok day, but of course it was fun.

I put the prices in because I am always curious about what people are charging. Think I am low$ on dang it dolls, they are more work than the scarves or mugs. But at $5 they make a good gag gift.

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Your prices are VERY reasonable !!! In my experience ,church bazaars were never profitable for me , people just wanted a place to walk around , visit and look. I think you did GREAT and the most important part - you had fun !!

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toomuchglass - it is always a very fine line between priced to sell and underpriced. I think I am a little underpriced, but I want to get rid of my stock

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I'm the same way ... I'm not making any money if my things sit home in a closet . There are people that insist they get what they think their craft is worth and will sit with their stuff forever. Then - on top of that - from hauling the stuff back and forth ,it loses it's "newness" . ( IMO )
Yep - I'd rather price to sell and constantly have nice ,new stock.

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Good for you! Yep, you're right on the prices... Is that your last show of the season?

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You didn't sell the purses because everything else was $5.00
After you rid yourself of the items you longer wish to carry, the purses will move as I believe they are priced just right.

We have always had a saying in this business: "Quick nickels are better than slow dimes". And we price our products accordingly. But a secret here is to establish your price and then lower yout COSTS. Thus increasing PROFIT.

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good point christopherh

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We're off today to set up at another 3 day show in Troy, NY near Albany. But it's only 60 miles away so it's a "commuting" show. No hotel!
This is with a major nationwide promoter (Country Folk Art) and has always been profitable, so here's hoping.


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Good luck with your show Chris! Let us know how you do.

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my daughter took the purses to work. Before lunch she sold 3! and she hadn't even put them out in the lunch room. People just wanted to know what was in her big bag at her desk. guess I just had the wrong crowd at the shows.

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