wal-mart has raised all fabric prices by

huggybear_2008November 13, 2008

Hi, I went to Wal Mart yesterday to pick up some fabric and noticed all fabric has been raised 50 cents a yard on most of their fabrics. I did however get some really pretty fabric.. lots of purple, some sheer for lavender hanger covers and for some lavender dryer sheets.. and lavender sachet bags and pillows, and my potato and rice bags. I am now looking for some different dried herbs to use in some of the sachets and rice bags.. Hope everyone has a great day today.. Happy craft day......Huggy Now I really am going back to work..LOL

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I wish our Wal-Mart had fabric. We have a new Super WalMart, and they don't carry much of anything for crafts. Bummer.

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The Super Walmart by me took out almost all of their craft section. They sell yarn and sewing machines and a few jewelry things and that is about it. Very disappointed in that since there isn't a "craft" supply store any where around here. I have to drive over 1/2 hour to find a Jo-anns or a Michaels. With the price of gas, it ends up being less cost effective to buy things in the regular retail stores. I've found that ebay and etsy and a few other places online are the best and cheapest way to get the supplies I need.

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Okay, I will not complain anymore about 50cent increase.. sure beats nothing at all..LOL Thanks ladies for helping me to stay thankful for what I have..

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Ours still is usually 2.00 a yd. on sale table. Sometimes 1.00.

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It doesn't surprise me they raised the price. I always thought their prices were on the lower end anyways and that's when I'd buy fabric. If you look, they really do have some nice regular and seasonal fabric. This past summer I found the most beautiful bird fabric with green leaves all over and a matching large panel with birds. I think it's the most beautiful fabric I'd ever seen and that's one reason I bought it. It surprised me I got it at Walmart. The gal was telling me one lady came in and ordered 18 "bolts" of it. Yeah, even if they raised it 50 cents, I still think it's nice fabric at a good price.


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Our Walmart is supposed to quit selling fabric, according to the rumor mill ,lol...but they still have it, and quite a large selection, too. The sale table is mostly $1 a yard. I'm not the fabriholic I used to be when I was making quilts. I did buy a lot of it at Walmart, they used to have good brands of 100% cotton. I still have tons and tons of fabric,though, I'm just not buying it anymore. Walmart also still has quite a bit in the craft section,too, but I understand it won't be there much longer,either. At least we have a Michaels and about 4 Walmarts in driving distance, and a Hobby Lobby.

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Our Walmart raised fabric prices also. But come March they will not be carrying any fabric. They are going to take out all fabric and notions and cater to party supplies and decorations.
I don't know who does their market analysis but they said there is not a market for fabric here. Since they are the only place in this town that sells fabric I don't know how they can say there is no market. Every time I go there I have to wait in a line to get fabric cut.
I order most of my fabric online anyway but occasionally will see something there I like.

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we have 2 Super Walmart's near us in the same city and both are still carrying fabric and crafts. There's not much to choose from in the craft section...it has always been very limited. They just don't have the crafts that Michaels has. We don't have a Hobby Lobby (wish we did!!), and Joanne's is an hour drive from here. In Walmart, I mainly head for the artificial flower section LOL. I have so much fabric that I don't buy it anymore. Doesn't surprise me their fabric has gone up since just about everything else there has also. Groceries are getting more expensive there, too.

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Ours is suppose to discontinue the fabric, but don't know when. I hope it will be awhile...

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Wal Mart is cutting back or out on fabrics & crafts stuff in So.Ca. too. We still have Joanne's & Michael's but the cheap crafting beads are disappearing too. Westrim is now Blue Moon & some other higher priced co. Joanne's has Bits & Pieces from Cousin of America corp in Largo Fl. Don't know if they have website. Making cheap jewelry with kids is getting harder too!! Most women work out here & not much profit in some of this so they keep cutting back!Jan

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We were slated to have our fabric department close at Wal-Mart , but I started a write in/phone in and petition drice and we still have it - With the exception of two quilt store with $10 + fabric, we have a Beverly's (another $$$ store) 30 miles away - the price of the back wall went up 50 cents this last summer , but it is still less than $4.50. There's not as many crafts, but we have a Michael's that is a craft store... I do buy online fabric but still buy from Wal-Mart - yep, we have the $1 - $2 a yard fabric too here...

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You all are lucky to still have fabric at your Walmart...I have 3 near by and they've done away with their fabric/craft departments months ago...Just gave me a reason not to shop at Walmart!

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All the Walmarts are changing over to the same floor plan and I hate it Mine still has that welcome howdy, this is your store enjoy it feel. The others are just warehouses with extra wide aisles and a sterile feel to them. We still have fabric and yarn etc but I really can't stand going to the other WM stores.

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