handprints on tablecloth

dian57November 6, 2010

You know those painted handprints-turned-turkeys we all did in elementary school for Mom's fridge?

I want to do the same thing but have my grandkid's do it on a linen tablecloth that I can use (and add turkeys as they grow) each year.

Any idea on what kind of paint to use? Any experience, techniques to share?

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Wow. What a fantastic idea!!! My sister has done lots of things like that in the past... I have a tee-shirt with all of my niece's handprints all over it. I love that shirt and it's held the color perfectly through many washings! I will ask my sister exactly what you should use. :)

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That would be a great help, party music.
Thanks so much. It's good to hear the colors have held up. I planned on protecting it with plastic, but maybe I won't have to.

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Hi -- My sister said:

"All the small paints in the paint section at like Michaels or Hobby Lobby--- "Apple barrel" "folks" I cant remember all the other brand names."

Hopefully you can find what she's talking about! :)

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I have painted on shirts with those paints. I knew the brand name of the one I used, until I started typing! Anyway, they are all in the same place. They are acrylic paints. Most of them will have different "mediums" that can be used with them. Get the color of paint you want, and a a bottle of fabric medium and follow the directions for mixing the two. When the paint is completely dry, heat set the paint on the table cloth by putting it in the dryer on high heat for about 20 minutes, or use a hot dry iron on each hand print, covering the print with a thin cloth to protect the iron. Also use a cloth under the table cloth to protect the ironing board.

I love the idea! That will become a family heirloom!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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