Christmas crafts for 2008

oddieNovember 22, 2008

The frist is another painted window, not to crazy about the decorations, anyone have any ideas of what might look better? sorry about the photo, would look better setting on a mantel, cant see that the berries are gold in color with the light showing throu.

A barrowed idea I saw on the hgtv craft form, sorry I cant remenber who to give credit to as I just saved the photo.

another Barrowed idea, different take on the light bulbs craft

hope you like


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The window is BEAUTIFUL :D And I love the lamp snow man...I'm picturing all the small lamps I've seen this summer at yard sales etc. for a quarter or I know what I could've done with them! And also love the light bulb snow man, I've been saving burnt out bulbs for this :D Keep up the great work!

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Love your ideas. The window is really beautiful! If you wanted to put something where the bow is at the top I would say a bit of green with rich gold in center, Maybe a small pick. it would bring out gold in the flower. Or spray a couple of tiny pinecones with gold paint & a sprig of green. What are buns made out of? Look good enough to eat!! Love the light bulb idea, what is the head??? Jan

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Oddie, you've been a busy lady! All lovely decorations, and a great job on them as always! I am sooo loving that globe snowman! I sometimes see old globes at TS, now I may just have to buy one too! (Guess I'd better figure out where I can store it first!) That sure is a darling idea!


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Oddie, your crafts are beautiful, as always! I love the snowman lamp the best. And that is a different take on the light bulb snowman. I don't think you even need decorations on the window. Let the beauty of the poinsettia be the focus.

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Wow! Love them all. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the globe followed very closely by the light bulbs.

How do you attach the two bulbs and what did you use as a base?

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Wow...I love them all. Thank you for sharing them with us. I think if I were going to change anything on the window I would agree with SunnyCA. I would add some greenery and a hint of gold to bring out the gold in the poinsettia. But I love it just the way it is too. I love the snow globe. My son collects maps and globes so that would fit right in around here.

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Thank you glad you all liked them! I buy all the cheap lites I can find at yard sales as I can always find something to use them for, the cinnamon buns are made from salt dough, the head on the light bulb is a styrofoam ball used e600 to attach it to the bulb, its hollowed out just enough for the ball to set good, and the scraf wraps around and covers everyting, the base is just a block of wood with a little circle drilled out enough to glue the bulb on so it sets up, dont know who took that out of focus photo LOL!
its hard to see in the photo but the flowers have fine red glitter on the frist coat of paint, shows up when the window is setting away from the light, I will change the ribbon and try some of the ideas you all gave me, always helps to ask,and I knew you all would help!
The globe is regular size, kinda hard to store, but I just had to try it, would be cute in a office, luvs you will have to paint one and show us, will be beautiful I am sure!
maybe grandma bonnie would ask the crafters if I can share there photos here, bouth are so cute, you could see why I had to barrow there ideas.
Thanks agine

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OH Oddie,, I just love seeing your creations. You do such wonderful work. Awesome job. That globe is sooooooo cute.
I have seen some of megansmomma creations, and she does great work!!! Thanks for posting your creations.

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gosh cheri, thank you! love seeing your creations also ,you do such beautiful work!
I have followed megansmomma creations for years, she always has something beautiful to share! her globe was done in a prim style and had wood holder for the globe.

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