Review of SubZero 36UFD French Door built-in

Hilltop55December 3, 2013

I have had my 36UFD installed for several months now and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

At the time of purchase, the French Door version had just come out; I was originally going to get the 36U with the single door. In retrospect, I wish I had. If you have a kitchen with narrow walkways, the FD version is great and probably worth the difference in both cost and convenience, but in my case with an open kitchen, I paid extra for a feature that, in the end, is a bit of a hassle. The reason: the crisper drawers are full width. This means if you want something from the crisper, you have to open both the doors fully in order to open the drawer. Yes, you'd have to do that with the single door too, but it takes both hands with the FD. If SZ would create half-width drawers for the crisper area, that would be a nice change.

I do love just about everything else about this refrigerator. We have had no mechanical issues at this point so I don't have a feel for customer service.

The freezer drawer works fine for us because we use a non-frost-free freezer in our garage for our long term storage. If I could make wishes, I would prefer two drawers for the freezer. It would make sorting easier. There is a little short drawer inside the freezer drawer that contains the ice maker. I didn't care that the ice maker wasn't in the door, so that was fine with me; however, it would be nice if I could just pull out the ice maker drawer separately from the regular freezer drawer. This is just a matter of convenience, rather than pulling out the freezer drawer and then pulling out the ice maker drawer.

There is a storage compartment beside the ice maker in that short drawer where I do place flat items, so there is a little bit of organizational help there but not a lot. The rest of the freezer drawer is one big open space, and again, it would be nice if there were a divider. This wouldn't have kept me from getting the refrigerator, though.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. The installation was smooth and the instructions were good.

Hope this little review helps someone else.

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I have a divider in my freezer bottom drawer. It is odd that you don't. I love this model. I had been waiting for it before I started my renovation because I knew it was in the works and none of the other FD fridges made me happy. I had had a SZ for 13 years before that so anything else would have been a compromise. I think I might have been one of the first orders back in the summer of 2012! We have a narrow walkway so we needed the french door. By the way, the guy at the SZ showroom said that they view the regular 36" as their best model. My one complaint about the FD is different from yours. The door shelves are less useful than on the regular model and that is a bit of a pain.

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I agree about the door shelves being less efficient than on the full-door model. We've made it work for us relatively well, but it isn't great.

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