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grandma_bonnieNovember 11, 2007

did a little craft show this yesterday and after expenses, I cleared $400. Not a huge amout but I am tired - can hardly talk - and my back is killing me! I always take a chair - just never sit down when someone is near my booth. Lots of commercial items (ie. Cookie Lee/ Pampered Chef/ Mary Kay) but I don't believe anyone else did as well as I did. It was held in upper scale nursing home and I had fun - have to plump up a few things (I figure I need to make 200 potato bagsto just keep up and be ready for the big show next week-end. I'm tired but I am happy with the results...


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So glad to hear you did well. But noticed nothing said of your weenie warmers.But it sounds like you cleaned up on potato bags. Glad to hear you did so well. Sometimes you wonder if folk still want hand crafted things. At least with the current news on a lot of the China imports, it may give the home grown-home made industry a boost. As we do keep safety in mind and certainly don't use lead paints in our projects.
But either or, congrats on your success.

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Glad you had a successful day, and I am sure everyone loved seeing your handcrafted items. Luvs

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