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MGDawgDecember 17, 2012

So I got this quote from our local Wolf/Sub-Zero dealer. We're in Canada, so was wondering how this differs from pricing in the US.

1. 36" INDUCTION COOKTOP (CT36IU) - $4499.00
2. 30" E-SERIES OVEN (SO30-2U/S) - $4499.00
3. STEAM OVEN (CSO24) - $4499.00
4. 24" DRAWER MICROWAVE (MWD24-2U/S) - $1799.00
5. 42" SS FRIDGE (BI-42SID/S) - $11,999.00 or 48" SS FRIDGE (BI-48SID/S) - $12,499.00

Not much movement on pricing - aside from the the $1500 factory discount that the above currently qualifies for.

Thanks for the help!

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Here's what on the Wolf/SZ site for US MSRP:

36" induction CG36IU - $3815
30" E-series oven SO30-2U/S - $4200
Steam oven CS024 - $3850
24" drawer MW MWD24-2U/S - $1690
42" SS fridge BI-42SID/S - $10,660
48" SS fridge BI48-SID/S - $11,260

Are your prices in Canadian dollars?

I got quotes on different Wolf/SZ products than you did but my dealer stuck to the MSRPs almost exactly - maybe $15 off here, $30 off there.

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Thanks for posting zeebee. Didn't realize MSRPs were listed on the US site. Yeah, all my prices are in Canadian dollars (which is pretty close to par at the moment).

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Savings would be upwards of $2500 if I were to purchase in the US, however the factory discount wouldn't apply anymore. Probably better off sticking to local dealers - even though paying so much more then our American friends grinds my gears. Doesn't help either that I'm not too fond of paying full MSRP on such pricey items (I thought everything that cost as much as a car had significant wiggle room).

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You have lotsa options besides Wolf, especially ovens.

Just follow one lady's experience with her Wolf ovens on Garden Web, She is on at least her 3rd Wolf oven now.

Compare that to my nearly 7 year old Electrolux oven that has never had a service call and still looks and performs great.

Also note the posts from a user that has both an Electrolux oven and a Wolf Oven---The Elux is a wall oven and the Wolf oven is part of a range.

Also there were at least 3 different posters that had problems with the Wolf door latch and some with various error codes.

True there are many many Wolf ovens that work well and are relatively trouble free, as there are a few Elux ovens that have had problems (Usually those made around 2009-2010), but it you compare the number of Elux ovens sold, (They are sold in virtually every Sears store), plus they are about half the price of a Wolf, one would suspect that Elux sells a lot more ovens than does wolf.

"Most folks" will only post if there is a problem with the oven, so taking that in account, one would deduce that far more Elux ovens are in operation with no problems than there are Wolf ovens with no problems.

Both ovens are made in the US.

Good luck with your hunt!


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Try some other dealers. We just installed a BI 36R Overlay (panel ready) which is listed on Sub Zero's site at $6100. I checked with several large appliance chains but found my best price at a local dealer who has 3 locations - after some negotiation we paid $5200. Installation was extra because the old SubZero 501R was smaller and we to have our cabinets modified.

I was concerned that perhaps this was a unit that had been moved around the warehouse or returned by a customer but I verified that they had to pick it up directly from Fretz - the Sub Zero showroom. Several dealers would not budge from the MSRP, others offered a hundred or so off, one offered to give me a microwave (retailed at $200). The pricing is a mystery.

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Try asking for the contractor's price. I did and Pacific Sales was considerably less than MSRP.

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hi. i went to the US website to look at some of their prices but found nothing. were they removed or am i just not seeing where it is?

I'm trying to find the prices for these items in the US.

Rangetop: SRT364C LP

Hood: PI363418

Warming drawer: WWD30

Oven: Wolf E Series SO30-2USTH $4200

Steamer Oven: CSO24 $3850

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factory discount wouldn't apply anymore -

and neither would a warranty !

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About a year ago I was in the same position MGDawg. Don't know where you are but I also live in Canada. I ended up getting Gaggenau products instead and they were about half the prices you're showing. IMHO the quality is much better and most of the appliances you're looking at have more features like the plumbed Steam Oven.
There was a Gagg promo on but the dealer was prepared to come down also for the whole package. Better yet they sent me to a service company specializing in Gagg who did an amazing install.

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Hi moebus,

I'm in the Ottawa area (shopping out of Montreal or Toronto is feasible as well). Please send me details about your purchase as we're getting closer to our purchasing date.

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