Electrolux oven probe - how do you clean it?

CavimumDecember 30, 2012

There is absolutely nothing in the owner's manual about how to clean the oven probe.
Hand wash? Can it be submerged?

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Just wash it in your kitchen sink with a sponge, dish soap, and water. Don't see why it needs to be submerged; just rinsed off is all. Its not a big job.

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Thanks. That's how I've been doing it, too, but didn't know if I could toss it into the water with other items.

It seems odd that there are no cleaning instructions for the silly thing in the manual.

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We wash the probe part only, not the part that plugs into the oven. I don't know if that makes a difference, but we treat our wireless probe thermometer the same way.

How did the Elux probe work for you?


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@jadeite - The probe seems to be working great, so far. I have used it twice, once with a roast and last night with a meatloaf. It was nice to not worry if the meatloaf was "done" in the middle!

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Something like an Optico pad (normally used for cleaning eyeglasses) or a paper towel dampened in a small area with
some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (usually found at drugstores in 500ml bottles)is good for cleaning probe plug connectors, etc.

A small empty eyeglass cleaner spray bottle can be reused as a convenient container for spraying the towel.
The isoprop is very drying on the skin so rubber gloves are a good idea. Since the liquid is easily vaporized
high strength alcohol, use around open flames and live electrical circuits should be avoided.

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I used the probe with the "perfect turkey" mode for Christmas. It actually was perfect!

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Wow, I never really thought about it, because it looks pretty waterproof to me. I just wash the probe with a dish cloth and dry it off. I've never worried too much about getting it wet, can't remember if it's ever been submerged but the whole thing has definately been held under running water with no ill effects. An E'lux customer rep used to post here occasionally, his/her name was Chris Polk. Very responsive to questions, if you do a search you'll come up with her name/email address. I'm sure you'd get the definitive answer from her.

I really like the probe, it works well. I've also used the 'perfect turkey' button and it actually does a very good job. I especially like that I can adjust the target temperature of the turkey.


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