reMaking window shades, experience anyone?

concretenprimrosesNovember 4, 2009

I have some battered plastic roll up window shades, and I was thinking of replacing with "oil cloth" (the plastic kind from Mexico) and keeping the same roll mechanisms. Has anyone got any tips for me? Seems like I could just make the new shade and use a staple gun to attach it to the roller.

Unfortunately here in NE our oil cloth selection isn't very large, but I don't want to try fabric cuz that bedroom tends to get some mildew on the windows so plastic is the way to go.



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Seems to me you could use a heavy shower curtain. You could also have the inside in cloth glued on to the plastic.

I'd like to address your mold issue. Does heat get up to your window? We have new double paned argon filled windows. They are very well sealed. In our bedroom we have blinds and curtains. The curtains remained open and the blind remained down. The first year I noticed mold on the bottom of the window when I lifted the blind. Since it couldn't be the window it had to be that there was no air circulation. I lifted the blind so an inch or so, so that the warm air could reach the window, and no more mold.

No matter how good your windows are they will be cool on the inside. If there is any moisture there it will form mold. The warm air dries the moisture.

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