Some Christmas Decorations

craftylady-2006November 21, 2007

I thought I'd share pics of two of my latest country/prim Christmas decorations. Whatcha think?? - Sal

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Beautiful!! I really love that floral arrangement!! GORGEOUS!!


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Those are beautiful Sal !! You sure have a good eye for arranging things beautifully !

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Very nice job, Sal. Did you make that momma candy cane?
Suzan J

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Susan, yes I did make the large candy cane on the wreath. May I ask, why did you call it "Momma Candy Cane?" - because it's large??


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I think you did a great job - love the picture on the glass container - very imaginative.

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Love the decorations that you made. What did you place in the jar to make it so precious? Are you selling them? How much do you usually ask for them? I know that I am being nosey but can you tell me where you live so I can get an idea how much crafts sell for in your area. Thanks...Di

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Beautiful! what is the candy cane made of ?
soo love! your flower arrangement, you have done a beautiful job of putting it together, and such a clever idea, what all is in the jar cant tell in the photo, would you mind shareing how you made it, did you make the little snowballs also? sorry I know Iam asking alot of questions, I just think its beautiful and would love to try makeing one.
Happy Crafting

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I would like to know how you did the picture in the jar. I bought an old long window that does not have deviders and I have seen something similar to that in a catalog and had thought about putting the grandchildres pictures on it, please could you post the directions.

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Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my homemade decorations, they made me smile. This was simple to make and I just used things I already had in my craft room.

I first cut out the Christmas card pic and glued that to the mason jar using Modge Podge glue (you could use Tacky Glue also), it's a bit thicker than Elmer's Glue, and let it dry overnight. I next painted the jar a brown color pouncing it on using a sponge brush. Let the first coat dry some and give it another coat. While the paint is wet, sprinkle the jar with Diamond Dust. I then put the jar on a dowel stick and let it dry overnight. The candy canes are red & white chenile stems. The snowballs are small styrofoam balls of course. Stick a good size length of floral wire into them for something to hold onto and cover with some wall spackle. While wet, sprinkle them with, you guessed it, yup, Diamond Dust. Can you tell I just love that Diamond Dust stuff. Stick the floral wire into some styrofoam and let them dry overnight also. The next day and the paint on the jar is dry, I tied a piece of homespun fabric around the jar lid. It was easier to tie on the fabric now and it's out of the way. The rest of the stuff in the jar is just a mixture of Chrismtas greenery; pinecones, some small ones and some medium size ones; red & mustard colored pip berry stems; a few cinnamon sticks, some red fuzzy floral thingys (I have no idea what to call them, LOL), and a metal star spray. I hot-glued it all into the jar starting with the greenery (put the hot-glue around the rim and then add the greenery pieces, it'll dry real fast). I then just hot glued the other stuff and stuck it in here and there. As for a selling price Di, I think it's just a matter of what you think folks are willing to pay. Some crafters would price it based on the cost of their materials and then double it for their time.


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I'm sorry Oddie, I forgot to mention that the large candy cane on the wreath is made of muslin fabric which was tea-stained. It is stuffed with fiberfill and the end sewn up. I then cut a long length of homespun fabric and made sure it was long enough to wrap around the whole thing. Each side was sort of frayed to make it look old. It also was tea-stained. I applied a thin layer of Modge Podge to the homespun and then wrapped it around the candy cane. I then spread another thin layer of the glue all over and sprinkled it lightly with the Diamond Dust. Position the candy cane on the wreath where you want it and apply a good amount of glue to those areas and put the candy cane on those areas. Let dry overnight. The floral on the wreath is a mixture of dried natural floral.


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Thank you sal for shareing all the info on your beautiful projects! but now the photo is gone and I cant look at it agine!
my memory is bad and the last couple of days have been rough LOL!
why do some remove there photos after posting ? just curious.

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All of a sudden I can't see the pics either Oddie. I can see them in Photobucket but don't see them here either. That happened in another forum I participate in. I posted pics in a msg but only got the red X in a box. I even deleted those pics and re-uploaded them and they still wouldn't show up in the msg. I'll try and figure out what's wrong. For some reason I have to keep logging into Photobucket also and I have it set to "remember me."


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I'm sorry I missed the pics,but I will keep coming back to check for them!

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could pics be posted again? would love to see!

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Aww...I missed it! You have to repost because you know I love Prim!

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Sorry to bother you but why can't I see photos when I click on the icon? So love to see the crafts, you are all so talented!
Thanks Brenda

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