ceramic stove top

clairdo2December 18, 2008

My sister's stove top cracked, can she use it and how much will a replacement cost?

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I don't know if it's advisable, but I never had a problem... for years.

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My son accidently dropped a bottle of worchester sauce on our stop top from approx 3 feet and cracked our stove top. We did not use it. The stove top was on a GE profile range and the top was warrantied for 5 years so the replacement was covered under warranty. The problem was that GE required their service tech replace the top and we covered the labor. The labor charge for less than one hour of the techs time was 250.00. We paid it, but could not believe that there wasn't an hourly charge instead of this outrageous flat rate charge. This must be how GE always does this as we had a GE fridge with a bad compressor,( the tech said there had been talk of a recall on this particular model as that was his only job at the time, replacing bad compressors on a few GE fridge models). We had to pay the flat rate labor charge again of 250.00 even though the tech was there less than an hour. We tried to have GE send the part to our repair person, but they would not do the work under warranty if their tech did not do the work. Seems to me
GE gets to make money with or without parts being paid for by the consumer....sorry about the tangent, but
Don't use the raange and check to see if the top is covered under warranty. Tops, depending on the range, can cost up to 450.00 according to the tech when ours was replaced, not including labor.......

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It is written everywhere that one must not use a cracked top. I don't know what the risks are but it probably has to do with electricity. 20 years ago I used a cracked top without knowing this.


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Footballmom - Flat rates build in travel time and opportunity cost. And keep customers from complaining that their service man worked slowly or took a phone call. Yes, I'm suret they are set in favor of the company. I wish that when I dropped a cast iron skillet from about the height of your son's worchestershire mishap, I had even considered that my carelessness might be covered by warranty. It was definitely less than five years old. Oh well, live and learn.

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