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gabethanDecember 29, 2013

Has anybody ever tried one of these ovens?

New double convection - PT9550SFSS
Older model - PT7550SFSS

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Haven't tried it yet but I ordered it for my new kitchen and I am awaiting delivery. Did you end up ordering it?

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Did either of you buy this? I am in the same boat and can get a great clearance price on the older model but I"m not sure what upgrades are in the newer model. Thanks for input.

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PT7550 is not an older model, it is a step down from the 9550 in the current line. The 9550 has convection in both ovens, the 7550 only has convection in the top. The 9550 also has upgraded electronics which let you control it remotely from your iPhone, and it also has a cool LED progress bar right above the oven door that serves as a visual indicator for cook time/kitchen timer progress you can see from across the room. Other than that, the two are the same.

As for the older models...

PT9550 replaces PT958
PT7550 replaces PT956

PT958 has convection in both ovens, PT956 only has it in the top, otherwise they're exactly the same.

Features in the new series (PT9550/7550) that were not present in the old series (PT958/PT956) include:

-Steam clean feature (shorter, less hot self clean cycle where you pour water into the bottom of the oven before starting)

-DirectAir convection. Looks to be ducted to the ceiling, supposedly bakes more evenly than the previous generation convection. No clue how it performs.

-New look to match the rest of the redesigned GE line.

I have a GE oven in a range that's been great. No problems, bakes well. Based on that experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the GE wallovens.

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