What are you working on? 11/19

sweets98November 20, 2007

I guess I have been slow on this! I missed last week and here it is Tuesday already! LOL

I have pretty much just been working on cleaning out around here! The Christmas tree will be coming out this weekend followed by all of the other decorations and trees so I have to be prepared!

Last night I started a mini light that I have been wanting to make for about a year now. I am using an old flour sifter to hold the candle light and doing a cookie theme. I made two small flour and sugar sacks, wrote up a Snickerdoodle recipe and I want to add other little things like cinnamon sticks and measuring spoons. I'm thinking about doing a batch of salt dough cookies to look like snickerdoodles to throw in there. I'm just having trouble deciding what to distress and what not to. I want to coffee stain everything but I'm afraid it would be overkill! LOL We'll see what my brain gets me into today....

I also want to work on making liners for my living room curtains. They are fading thanks to the sun and liners will definitely help keep it warm this winter since we didn't get to switching out our living room windows yet. I'm going to use cream sheets for the liners. I used these sheets to make a bedskirt a while back and now I'm just recycling them :)

Oh, and I'm really thinking about painting my kitchen. I'm tired of the all one color look that's going on.....

What is everyone else up to?

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Just finished this sitting santa and it cost me less then $10.00

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I just finished a small pot person for my sister, a mosaiced plant stand for my mom and a large clock from a round tabletop for my niece. I still have a few more projects left to work on, but I love it.

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I finished the light today :) I want to do the old bulb dipped in silicone thing but I couldn't wait!

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Hi Sweets, I love your sifter with the light and all in it. The old looking recipe card is the perfect touch. ;o)

I kept looking for your Monday post but didn't see one--thought maybe you were on vacation or something. Glad you started it this week.

I worked on a couple of painted items, posted one on the gallery on the Painting forum. Other one is still needed final touches. Like you, I have been cleaning house--company coming for Thanksgiving. I rearranged furniture and cleaned living room today--will do baking and other prep work tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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I have finished and posted the crafts I have been working on, want to try my hand at the bulb wreaths agine, It sure helps when the crafters share what works for them, like ginger has done.
sweets your sifter lite is sooo cute! did you add the candle wax to the candle part? beautiful job!
clairdo love your santa! very clever!
craftyjanjan, please share photos if you have some, would love to see the beautiful gifts you have made!

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Clairdo, I would have thought the stuffing alone would cost $10.00. How'd you do him so cheaply?

Ginger was very kind to share what works best for her. She sure has created some lovely wreaths.

Craftyjanjan, we love to see pics of what everyone is making, hope you will post some for us.


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You all have a lot of patience. Sweets, where on earth did you uncover the old coffee tin? Your display looks like a magazine picture.

I've decided to try a craft show this Sunday but I don't have much to sell so I've started working on teddy bears.

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Thanks, everyone for the compliments. DH loved what I did and suggested I do something like that for the little auction (fake money) they have at his company Christmas party. I am going to work on Gingerbread and Sugar cookie themed lights for Saturday now. :)

I found the coffee can at the thrift store. I paid like $3 for it. My kitchen, well most of my house for that matter, is decorated in older items. :)

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Hi everyone,
Here is the clock I made from an old round tabletop for my niece, who is going to college for fashion. Next is the mosaic plant stand I made for my mom's 75th birthday. Finally the pot person I made for my sister who lives in Tennessee but came home for Thanksgiving. She will plant hair in him when she gets home. Lol

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Janjan, those are all great. I really love that mosaic plant stand. That is gorgeous and practical too. Your little pot man needs a cute face painted on. That is really cute, know your sis will love him. And what a perfect clock for your little fashion designer! ;o)

Zeetera, be sure to come back and tell us how the craft show goes, okay?


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Thanks Luvs, I ran out of time to paint a face on the little pot man. I wish I could paint like you because your work is awesome. My sister wasn't supposed to come before Christmas, so I was rushing around trying to get him finished. LOL. I also had Thanksgiving dinner at my house so I was cleaning house, baking pies and cornbread dressing. Whew!!
Sweets, I love the sifter!! It would fit perfectly in my house too. I might try something like that after Christmas.

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Such nice gifts zeetera! love the clock! what a clever idea! useing a table top, will have to keep that one in mind.
I am sure your gifts will be loved !
thanks for shareing

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I have just joined this site - used to belong a long time back before it went to a pay site. Used to be a lady by the name of Leslie who posted here and I always enjoyed talking to her and reading her posts. She was very creative and a really nice person -wonder if she is still around?

Loved the beautiful things you all have been doing - very creative. I did the sifter thing for thanksgiving and am going to change the fillers and use it for christmas on my kitchen table- it will fit in nicely with my prim decor which I am just into doing and having a ball. I love the old stuff & my husbnd does not care too much for it. He said he grew up with worn out furniture & doesn't want it in his house but he just leaves that part to me.
sorry didn't mean for this to be so long but am looking forward to getting to know all you nice ladies. If Leslie is still here she will remember me as fran in al but they would not let me use that name again so I chose my nick name of Tiki222.

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Re-welcome back tiki. I'm renewed also.

sigh oddie, I only wish that were me.

Luvs, I'm just back from the show and it was a borderline disaster. Showed up before 11 as advertised, but it wasn't supposed to start until 3. Ended up putting some of the purses out and sold 2. Sold 3 placemats and believe it or not, I think I sold the most out of anyone (there were only 8 vendors). No one was buying and I felt awful for those who sat there with nary a person stopping by. Next week, we're told, there should be more folks coming. We'll see.

This crafting business is hard work!

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I'm so excited that the board is picking up and people have more and more to share on this post each week! YEAH!!!!

I do vaguely remember a Fran in al here back in the day. I should be the Leslie you are talking about :) I couldn't post pictures back then but can now! I should have been sweets11780 or nadastimer back then. DS was only about 2 and my DH was just my fiance' still and no DD yet! So much has changed! Nice to see you back! :)


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I love that candle in the flour sifter:) Last year I did the bulbs dipped in silicone,but never even decorated my porch with them. They were for battery operated candles :)That's a great Santa! And JanJan,love all of it! Especially the mosaic stand! I've been working on quite a few different crafts myself. I made the Applesauce Cinnamon ornaments,very easy to make,smell wonderful,and harden overnight,and they don't get moldy or fall apart like some of the other recipes will do down here in the South in the humidity.(if you want the recipe, let me know) I made heart shaped ones,filled up an old blue mason jar with them with the lid off,but want to make some gingerbread men later. I'm making jewelry from some silver plate I bought at a yard sale,spoon pendants and bracelets. I made those little fabric yoyo angels that someone recently posted,except I didn't use a second white yoyo for the wings, I used a machine tatted doily I bought at a craft store clearance cut into little pieces :) Also making a LOT of mosaics,keeps me occupied :)

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Sorry! I got your name mixed up, this board is moveing so fast and my mind cant keep up LOL!
craftyjanjan I was posting about your wonderful crafts!
omg kudzukween, what beautiful crafts, and what a clever idea to useing spoons! love the mosaics birdhouse! are they setting on candle sticks? all of your crafts are beautiful!

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Kudzukween, those are wonderful mosaic pieces! Wow! I did a few BB's a few years ago but that was that. It was fun but I just haven't found something else that I wanted to do. I guess because the mosaic thing doesn't go as well in my Prim country home :)

craftyjanjan, Awesome work! I love all of your things. You did a great job!

zeetera, I can't believe you just learned to sew! I think you found your calling! The jean purses are really neat, nothing like I've seen before (much nicer!)

clairdo2, Wow! Great job making a thrifty Christmas decoration :)

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Thanks so much! :) The spoons are really quick and easy, I find clip art,and just cull things from the junk drawers around the house for them. My sister gave me a lot of old jewelry,like single earrings and chains,and I cut up old greeting cards. I cut the handles off the spoons and forks with bolt cutters,really easy,the silver plate cuts like butter,then sand with these really rough emery boards,and then bend the rest of the handle back to make a hanger for the silk cord. I use a Clear Cast resin I bought at Hobby Lobby,mix and pour into the spoon til it's level. One of my sisters suggested using my grandchildrens pics in there, I haven't tried it yet,but the other pics seem to be holding up well,so their photos should work fine. I almost glued pin backs to them,thinking they'd make fine looking pins,but wondered about the weight of that. I think the Clear Cast was about $20,but I know I went to the Hobby Lobby site and printed out a 40% off coupon to buy it,so it was cheaper that way. Then I bend the handles to make bracelets,add beads and charms. The birdhouses I buy at walmart for $2.27 each,doesnt take a lot of old china and stained glass to make them, and yes,they're glued to candle sticks bought cheap at a yard sale :) Ribbon bead fringe glued to the bottom,and those beads that look like old glass knobs for the perch( maybe sold as prisms) Walmart has a box of over 100 in their Christmas decor for $10.

You can't see the blue spoon very well,but it's one of my favorites,with a mermaid in it,I glued blue tissue paper to the spoon bowl,and used some old blue Easter grass cut up in there, put a little blue glitter nail polish on the mermaid,lol,it has real shells and a real tiny starfish. Next favorite is the little boy,with the leaf bead,says 'a wonderful world. The one with the white cat wearing blue glasses is for my sister,it has real bird feathers in it,my sister babysits a bird sometimes and saved feathers,lol,so she gets this one! I made a lot more not pictured :) Forgot to add pics of the lapel pins I made from tips of silver spoon handles.
As you can see, I'm getting ready for a sale,cheap prices, I think,LOL!!!

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Wow!!! Kudzukween, everything is awesome. I love the spoon pendants, haven't seen that before. I made applesauce cinnamon ornaments for my nieces and nephews several years back but have never thought of the mason jars. Cool idea! I might try the angel ornaments this year. I hope one day for my mosaics to look like yours, the plant stand was my second piece I did. I was embarassed to show the first. Lol

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Kudzukween, you always make the most wonderful, original craft items. I love your spoons and mosaics. They look wonderful. Luvs

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