Culinarian Burner Head Removal

gbsim1December 7, 2012

It's the weekend and I don't want to bug Trevor...

We finally got the Culinarian hooked up and going and I've been playing around with it a bit. Don't have any pots and the kitchen is a gritty mess, so I'm not cooking, just adjusting and getting to know how things work.

I know this is a lousy photo, but until the crew stops putting tools on the soapstone and sawing inside, I mostly leave the blueboard on the soapstone and the hood is staying covered.

First... I can't get the burner heads to come off the assembly. I can lift the entire thing out. But the head seems to be firmly attached to the body. Is this something new?

On the videos, Trevor shows the round head coming easily off for cleaning etc.

Second he ignitor is attached to a metal plate (not round like in another photo that I've seen) and I'm not seeing anyway to adjust that. I've got one ignitor that's very low.

A third question is how much "travel" do you have in your knobs? All of mine do absolutely nothing to the flame between HIgh and 90 degrees (or about midway through the rotation.

Then after midway when the knob is at about 90 degrees, I get some change... a quick down to about what I'd call medium and then down to the flames lowest level. The knob continues to go about 1/4 of the turn farther but there's no further reduction in the flame.

Its like this on all knobs and burners.... nothing for 1/2 the rotation, with a small window of change, then to it's lowest flame level and then the knob will spin farther. Any thoughts on whether there's anything that can be done to get some change especially at the beginning of the spin?

I'm new to gas and can't wait to get cooking... it's a beautiful machine!

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OT: please, please, pretty please post some more photo's of that corner from a couple of angles; we are thinking of putting a hood close to a corner like that, and have been having difficulty visualizing it.

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I'd be interested to see pictures of the burner head assembly you are referring to as well as the ignitor.

My burner head is two pieces and the top half (i.e. the portion with the holes) easily separates from the bottom half (the base). The entire assembly pulls off the orifice without much difficulty (some more easily than others).

As to the travel, my experience is similar to yours at the high end -- I am unaware of any way to adjust this. (FWIW, I am on LP) -- but I get some adjustment from mid-way all the way down to the lowest setting.

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