Picnic Basket

oddieNovember 13, 2007

I have saved this old basket for awhile, started out the normal brown shade painted it silver did a crackle with white top coat, so it looked weathered, couldnt get a good picture, the flowers are real pretty with silver glitter dusting them,I dipped the candle stick in wax kept doing it till I liked how the wax ran down the side so its also scented a little, the bow is a soft ribbon with silver snowflakes!

so what do you all think, kinda big, but would be cute setting by a fireplace.

Happy Crafting


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Very pretty. I love this time of year, everyone's ideas on decorating inspires me to get up and get a few things done. I have a picnic basket I need to do something with, maybe I will try something like this. Thanks, Oddie.

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Beautiful, beautiful!!! You keep coming up with the most amazing things. I collect picnic baskets and never even thought to use them for Christmas. You are an inspiration!

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Thank you! always love being a inspiration! had thought frist of doing a fall arangment, but never found the right flowers, you could also set a small tree in one, some gifts around it, fill with scented pincones and a pretty bow, I am sure you will come up with lots of ideas!
Happy Crafting

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Your basket looks really pretty Oddie. Luvs

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It's got a nice bit of sparkle to it. And I like that it's in white-- looks very fresh!

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Pretty! Pretty! That would be a great idea for centerpieces for a wedding.

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Thank you! luvs, jenn and tuscararoramaiden, I have always liked the softness of white and silver together! should have put it in the post with the photo, but was wondering if you all thought it needed something? please dont be afaird to give me pointers, or your ideas! Iam always learning, and am soo open to suggestions!
Thanks agine

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