Any great tips on keeping a neat dresser top??

snagdJanuary 14, 2010

I am in full spring clean(well trying anyway!) I really want our bedroom/bathroom to feel like a hotel. There are remodeling issues still to be fixed after 5 years,ugh. But aside from that I really find myself wanting a ultra neat clutter free space. What to do with stuff like jewelry boxes,perfume and stuff like that? Does anyone have ideas they use to manage these kinda things? Inspirational pics would be helpful too:) thanks

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Perfume should be kept in a cool dark place not out in the heat and light. Some even opt to use the refrigerator. I keep mine on a tray in the linen closet. My jewelry (nothing valuable) is hung on small hooks in the closet and also put into a jewelry organizer that hangs from the rod. Dresser is clutter free.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Do you have a vanity? I didn't have one for years but now I do and I love it for all that you mentioned.

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These things are great for jewelry. No tangles. Everything viewed at once.

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I bought a hanging jewelry organizer like dily dally showed from the Container Store- it's great. I have the one with 40 on each side.

Here is a link that might be useful: organizer

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Last year I bought a basket display rack about 5 ft. tall to hang my necklaces & bracelets on. I have them arranged by color & I can see at a glance which one I want to wear. That has helped me out a little with my dresser top. My New Year's resolution was to get rid of my cluter! Blah! Still have way too much clutter.

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We have a master bedroom and bath which takes up the whole second floor (it sounds very luxurious but in actuality it's modest as is our house). To get to our bath we go through a walk-in closet/dressing area that has built-ins with a counter above. I keep my jewelry, perfumes, books, etc. on top of the built-ins. It's not out in the open in the bedroom but it is easily accessible. The only items on top of our dresser is a framed photo of DS and table lamps.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Snagd - thanks for asking this question. I, too, wish my bedroom nightstands were a little more 'cleaned off'. I don't have so much jewelry or perfume, but alarm clocks, telephones, eyeglass case, etc. I wish it only had a small framed picture, a lamp and a small vase of flowers. But what does everyone do with the 'functional' things?

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Thanks for the great ideas,I like the hanging jewelry organizer. That makes alot of sense. I really never thought about that with perfume..I'm sure I can find a spot in my closet for that now.

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I have wall mounted, swing arm lamps beside the bed so that frees up table space. On my nightstand is the phone, tissues, alarm clock & a water bottle. On his an alarm clock & one decorative doo-dad. My books are on the lower shelf of my nightstand and his reading material is in the top drawer of the bachelor chest he uses as a nightstand.

Between my walk in closet and master bath I have a built in vanity area. The cabinets hide the laundry baskets and the 3 drawers hold make-up & the miscellaneous stuff that would probably accumulate on the dresser if I didn't have the drawers. I keep hair care items in baskets. I filled a pretty frame with cork and hang my necklaces from decorative push pins. Any rings or pins are in a small box on the counter top. I don't wear perfume so that isn't an issue.

On my dresser I have a capiz shell tray to catch the occasional loose button, safety pin etc. I don't have any tabletop framed pictures. It's mostly because I'm too lazy to find a picture and a frame but it sounds like a more deliberate choice if I say it's not good fung shui. Something about your ancestors or relatives shouldn't have to view such an intimate space. Whatever. It's really just less fuss, less muss, less to dust.

If you don't have vanity space or drawers in a bathroom those hanging jewelry organizers look like a great idea. I guess you need to really analyze what's on the bureau top. Does it really need to be in the bedroom (ie. receipts, magazines) or is there a better place elsehwere in the house? Maybe just some decorative containers to control the stuff will give a more peaceful & tidy feeling.

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I just wanted to say I sympathize with you.

My perfumes are kept in the closet in the bathroom but I still fight with alarm clock, hats, and clothes ending up on the long dresser. (Part of the reason I'm scared to put it infront of the window for those of your following my bedroom saga. You can't see it from the entrance where it is now.) I keep saying once we get the furniture and bedding all in place I'll want to keep the room neater. It's a fib and I honestly just need to clean out and organize. :)

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